Mommy McBlog Olympics! *Lighting of the Torch*

In honor of the Olympic games, let’s all become

Gold Medal Mommies!! 

Let the Games Begin…

While I’m not an athlete, or a Mommy Pro, the last 30 weeks (along with the helpful insight of some friends and family) have taught me some important lessons, which I will call the games of the Mommy McBlog Thirtieth Olympiad (Speedos NOT required)!!

Stay tuned for the next two weeks as we broadcast Live from London and cover the following sports:

  • Synchronized Gifting
  • 400 M Gender Reveal Party Throwing
  • 100 M Baby Registering
  • Freestyle Pack N Play Assembly
  • Womens Synchro Maternity Dressing
  • And More

See you on the medal platform!!

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