Mommy McBlog Olympics *Freestyle Pack-N-Play Assembly*

This week totally got away from me.  Between the new job and more baby room prep, I haven’t been keeping up with the Mommy McBlogging Olympic sports as much as I had hoped.  But I’ve been doing a great job of watching the Olympics.  My bump and I get the gold in putting my feet up and watching TV!  Woo hoo!

Denny and I did participate in a grueling round of Freestyle Pack N Play assembly!  The event took place at the Family Room Arena with the Graco Pack N Play – Erin  (very fitting name) from Target .  We know it will be very useful, but we would have been able to assemble it much easier if we actually read the directions carefully versus skimming them and trying to make assumptions.  The first time we set-up the attached diaper changer it was slightly upside down.  This cost us dearly as the Danish judge gave us a .6 deduction in assembly for this.  The second time we assembled the diaper changer, we did much better and even got points for keeping our toes pointed!

If you prefer to avoid the 105-page instruction manual in 6 different languages, feel free to go to this Website.  Much easier – score!

Check it out the finished product and the score from the judges below…

Freestyle Pack N Play Assembly Score for Team McGee…

  • German Judge   –  8.8
  • American Judge  – 9.4
  • Danish Judge  –  8.9
  • Chinese Judge  –  9.3
  • Russian Judge  – 9.5


It was enough to earn us the Silver Medal and a great little place for the little girl to sleep when she naps downstairs or when she naps during visits to our friends and families houses!


Stay tuned this week for more Mommy McBlogging Olympic Games… what sports are you participating in to get ready for the arrival of your little champ??

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