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I haven’t taken any gold medals when it comes to fashion lately.  In fact, I don’t even think my maternity style made the cut to go to the London, but trying to look fashionable while dressing a 20+ lb. bump truly feels like it should be an Olympic sport some days!

On occassion I feel frumpy, but most days I feel like the bump is the coolest accessory I could ever have.  Though I’m no fashionista, perhaps these lessons can help you on your way to Getting the Gold!

  • Prepping for the Big Game (can you hear Eye of the Tiger Plays in the background??)    In the sport of Women’s Synchro Maternity Dressing, the right equipment is key to making your country proud.   A few good basics, some cute accessories and some confidence can go a long way.   My favorite spot to train is Destination Maternity!  The ladies that work there are fabulous, the water they serve is perfectly chilled, and the treatment is first-class.   But as much as I love it there, I’ve learned to keep my eye on the prize and set a specific list of “need items.” If not, Destination Maternity may potentially becomes Destination Credit Card Debt!

  • Tight ain’t Right…   Just because Michael Phelps wears spandex, doesn’t mean it’s the way to go as you swim through 40 weeks of pregnancy.   If you are still wearing non-maternity clothes to your 36-week sonogram or if your co-workers can tell when the baby kicks, you may want to ask yourself if you are really setting yourself up for a gold medal.

You won’t even be invited to the Opening Ceremonies in this outfit!

  • Buy the Spanx, you’ll be saying Thanx…   I found a pair of these bad boys and they have been the best investment yet, enough said!!

A Perfect 10!!

And Finally…

  • Give your feet a little retreat (and I’m not referring to the Olympic Village)!!!  I was convinced that I could wear my heels all the way to through the pregnancy triathlon , but after a few nights of super puffy feet I’ve accepted that flat shoes will be the only way I can get to the finish line.  So my heels are now tucked far under my desk and I’ve dusted off my flats.  In the meantime, two cups of Epsom Salt and a bucket of hot water have made my nights a little bit more relaxing!

The only way to be “Swifter, higher, stronger!

So there you have it… the rules and guidelines of the newest sport in the Olympic games, Womens Synchro Maternity Dressing!   I can’t promise that you’ll hear the National Anthem, but hopefully you’ll feel a little bit better as you get ready to meet your little Champion!


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