A Mommy McBlog Bumpdate (Bump + Update)

On the McGee McBlog (our personal blog). I normally do a Picture of the Week.  But with a baby girl on the way I’m not sure I’ll still have time to update both the personal blog and the Mommy McBlog while trying to be SuperMom, SuperWife and SuperEmployee… I think it only makes sense to transition everything to Mommy McBlog.

So here is the new Mommy McBlog segment, Picture of the Week!

Well, here she is…  Not me, Beanette (she’s not able to be in a picture without me, so you get me by default).  Then Lexi heard that we were taking a picture of the cutest little girl in the house and she jumped in too.   

Beanette is growing and growing (aka I am growing and growing, eek) and getting closer to her big arrival day. 

32 Weeks!
Up Close 32 Weeks, whoa!  Apparently the camera does add 10(ish) lbs    🙂

I’ve been getting all kinds of questions from friends and family so I thought I’d do my best to answer them all in one post.  Here goes…

The Good: Mostly everything!  I really love being pregnant.  It’s been pretty cool to feel her move around and know that there is a little girl in my belly.  She kicks the most in the morning and late afternoon.  I think I even felt her hiccup the other day.  So cute!

The Bad:  Other than a few regular trips to the chiropractor for some back pains, I’ve been feeling really good still.  Let’s hope it continues.

The Ugly:  My sausage feet.  They don’t hurt but they some nights they get quite puffy.  Gotta love Denny for being an amazing hubby and making me foot baths with Epsom Salt.  🙂



The Name:  Still a secret (mainly because we still have not decided on it).  You can keep asking us, but we won’t say a word until she’s here.

The Heat:  Still not bothering me, but I get asked all the time if it does.  Luckily, I’m fine with it.


The Prep:  Maybe I’m biased but her room is looking SO cute!!!  Some days I sit in there and get teary imagining the first time we get to bring her in there and all the nights we will read her books and rock her to sleep.  Just a few more projects to go and I think her room will be totally Beanette ready.  I’ll post lots of photos once it is complete.

The Waiting:  We’ve had a lot of people ask us if we are ready to meet her.  Honestly, I don’t mind being pregnant and we are enjoying these last few months with the two of us.  We would love to meet her if she surprises us in September.  If not, we are fine waiting for a little October baby.


The Nesting:  Yes, Yes and Yes!  I’m getting a little nuts with the organizing, but I guess it’s all part of the fun.

The Cravings:  I haven’t had too many crazy cravings during the pregnancy, but I definitely won’t turn down a Popsicle or ice cream.  I also have been loving those neon gummy worms.  Perhaps Beanette will glow when she arrives?



So stay tuned and we’ll keep you all posted during the next few weeks as the countdown continues to parenthood! 


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