TWO Picky Stickys To Go!

It’s September! 

We are officially one month and one day away from our Beanette’s due date!


I have known Beanette’s due date since January but I don’t think I realized just how close we are to meeting her until I noticed this morning that we only have two Picky Stickys to go!  What are Picky Stickys you ask?  The best baby gift ever… check out their Website to see for yourself.  And they have Mom stickers to track how far along you are.  That’s what I’ve been using since January.  And we are down to just two stickers…

Just two stickers (one which we will use on Tuesday)!   Wow!   But I have a little confession.. I didn’t buy the stickers in January when I found out we were pregnant.  I bought mine in December of 2010 (21 months ago) when we decided that maybe, just maybe, we were ready to be parents. 

They sat in my top drawer hidden behind socks hoping that my early purchase didn’t jinx our potential to have a baby.  It took us a little bit of time to get pregnant but we did!   And then we had an unexpected loss 7 weeks into the first pregnancy, which broke our hearts.   But we were lucky enough to get pregnant a second time, and Finally have a reason to pull those Mom Picky Stickys out of my drawer. 

So here we are, just 31 days and 2 Picky Stickys away from our Sweet Baby Girls due date.   It’s hard to believe that this is about to happen.  Her room is just about completed, her clothes are almost all washed, and I think we are almost ready to say Good-bye to Mom Picky Stickys and Hello to our daughter.   We hope she is just as excited as we are!   


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