Picture of the Week *Attempting to be a Crafty Little Mama*

This week’s Picture of the Week is actually my crafty project from a few weekends ago…

a no-sew crib skirt!

Turns out crib skirts are quite difficult to find unless you buy an entire bedding set, and those are not necessary.  So after much searching in stores and online, Melissa sent me a link for how to “Make” a crib skirt.  Score!!  And let’s be real… anyone who has ever known a type-A prego mama knows that if you send her an idea (especially while she is nesting) the idea will turn into a finished product faster than Kim Kardashian can turn a marriage into a break-up.

So if you are interested in making a crib skirt for your little Beanette, here’s all it takes (items can easily be bought for about $18-$20):

  • Fabric that can be washed & ironed (look for the 60% off one piece of fabric coupon from JoAnn’s to save some pennies)
  • Fabric scissors
  • A tape measure or yard stick
  • A packet of Witchery stitchery
  • An iron
  • A few velcro squares
  • Some decals if you want to jazz up the skirt
  • A bit of patience is helpful too!

I found a packet of these girly decals for $1.99!

And here’s how to do it:

  • Measure the length and width of the crib and the distance from the mattress to the floor (do this prior to buying fabric)
  • Cut the fabric into 3 pieces – one in front, and one on either side (no need for a piece on the back if the crib is against a wall)
  • Iron along the bottom using the Witchery stitchery to hold in the seam
  • Then place velcro square to the back of each piece of fabric and the matching piece on the bottom the crib
  • Velcro the crib skirt to the crib, stand back and check out what a great Mom you are!

View from above while attaching the crib skirt

View before adding mattress back in the crib

Finished product!!

Happy Crafting


Have a great Week!!


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