Politics, Schmolitics

I realize that we are knee-deep into an election year but the political games and “He said, She Said” is already feeling way overdone!   I can’t be alone on this, right?

Unemployment, tax hikes, politics, schmolitics… when does it end?

Personally I’ve had a very good four years (I’m not saying this to promote one candidate over the other) but it’s the truth.  Marriage, grad school, first house and now a soon-to-be arriving baby girl.  Heck Yes, I’ll vote for this plan again.

In order to give back to our country and lighten-up the political shenanigans, Denny and I felt that we should try to be good citizens and improve our little area of the world.  And what better catalyst to do this than the impending arrival of a new baby girl.

Without further adieu, we are pleased to announce the following

McGee Stimulus Plan

  • Retail Support– Over the past 38 and a half weeks we have opted to prioritize our local economy and make a conscious effort to sustain jobs in all the local baby stores.  It was tough, but someone had to do it.  Target, Carter’s, Babies R Us, various Etsy vendors… it’s not that we “wanted ” to buy onesies, headbands, leg warmers, bouncers and crib decorations in every shade of pink, lavender and magenta but we did it to ensure you had a job to come to daily.  Yes, you are Welcome!
  • Local Farmer Support – We know how tough it is to be a dairy farmer (well we don’t really know, but who’s fact checking this blog anyway?) and we wanted to make sure all the local cows felt loved and appreciated.  Therefore, we have done our best to enjoy ice cream on a regular basis.  It was another challenging initiative but we managed to complete it and help all the Bessies of the world feel validated in their milk  productive.


  • Job creation – Unemployment, what?!?  Not with Beanette on the way!  Not only have we likely created jobs with our 100 trips to Babies R Us, but we also created job security for the sweatshops that pump out Circo crib sheets, hooded towels, pink onesies, booties, burp cloths and on and on.  In addition, we are have increased the McGee payroll.  After some tough interviews that included essays, multiple personality tests and a tap dance competition, we are pleased to announced the following hires:

 **Social Media Chair during Beanette’s arrival – Melissa Q Bixler!**

Melissa, aka Beanette’s Aunt, brings a wealth of knowledge to the position including 5+ years on Facebook and substantial knowledge of the ins and outs of delivery after she survived the marathon birth of her adorable son Ryan!

**Childcare Provider  – Doodlebugs!**

Yep, we have to pay the bills somehow so once Beanette arrives I’ll eventually be headed back to the office.  Lexi is not quite prepared for full-time baby-sitter just yet so we had to add daycare to the list of “Places Beanette is allowed to go.”


So there you have it!  Our take on political craziness and our attempt to stimulate the economy.  If you are employed in the toddler tap shoe industry, the prom dress industry or the wedding gown industry, we will work to stimulate your industry in the upcoming phases of the McGee Stimulus Plans.  Stay tuned!



  1. im thrilled to be hired as the social media chair during this very exciting time! I promise to stay awake and take very real, but flattering pictures of all involved and update on a hourly or semi hourly basis!!
    also, i promise to use spell check 🙂

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