Pictures of the Week *What’s She Going to Look Like?*

Our only hope is to have a healthy baby Beanette!  But since we’ve been waiting almost 39 weeks (or 9 years, depending on when you start counting) for this little addition to our family, it’s hard not to think about the other fun stuff.

::  What she will look like?  ::

::  How will she act?  ::

::  What hobbies will she have?  ::

::  Which parent will she be more likely to take after?  ::

SO many fun questions!  We can’t wait to see her and learn all about her personality.

I think it’s normal for most parents to hope that their children get the best of both of them.  So here is what we are hoping (but of course we will love her no matter what):

Denny’s nose… my ears… Denny’s pretty blue eyes…. my thumbs (they are in limited quantity in the Q family)… Denny’s calves and ankles… my patience… Denny’s athletic ability (golf & baseball mainly)… my writing ability… Denny’s Words with Friends ability (if that is even around when she gets her first phone)… my love of education (aka I’m a geek)

We also hope that she is not allergic to cats and we really truly hope she has a decent sense of humor.  If she doesn’t have a sense of humor she is going to really think her parents are L-A-M-E and her teenage years are going to be incredibly rough for all of us!

Here are some pictures of Denny and I through the years.   Take a look at what she’s working with…

LOVE this picture of Denny as a baby!!!

Me as a baby (eek!) sporting an infant-sized wifebeater and playing with a scary-looking reindeer

Denny looking super cute and very happy!

Me, and Yes I still make this face when I get caught in the Cheerios box

Denny & Scott, two cute Steelers fans!!

Me hanging out on the tire swing in my stylish matching sweat suit (and yes I have the same haircut as Scott – see above)

Right now you could be thinking, Whoa Slim Pickins for this little girl, or perhaps you are thinking Aww, she’s going to be cute!  No matter how she looks, we know she is going to be the World’s Cutest, Most Lovable Beanette and we will love her to pieces!

Now we just have to keep waiting for her big arrival!  Nine Days and Counting!


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