Operation: Let’s Get This Party Started

Today marks 39 weeks and 4 days!

Beanette’s room is still ready, the bags are still packed (we surprisingly haven’t even eaten any of the “Dad/visitor” snacks), our kind neighbors are ready to Lexi-sit, car seats are installed (in both cars), house is relatively clean, and I finally feel like I’m at a good place that I can be done with work if she arrives.

Hooray, it’s Go Time!

Since we are getting anxious for the big arrival, and since it is football season, it seemed appropriate to hunker down, come up with a game plan and go for the Victory (aka the arrival of our little baby girl)!

Introducing: Operation Let’s Get This Party Started!!

Team Roster:

  • Captain: Little Miss Beanette McGee!!
  • Quarterback – Denny
  • Tight End (because I wish I had one) – Me
  • Offensive Line – Nurses
  • Kicker – anesthesiologist


  • Dr. Susan and Dr. B


  • Mom & Dad Quilty (sorry to put you on the cheer squad, Dad)
  • Mom and Dad McGee
  • Melissa
  • Neighbors, friends & family
  • Lexi (she wants to be at the top of the pyramid)

Today we brought out the starting line and implemented our early game plan… long walk at mall, long walk in the hood, spicy taco dinner and some jumping jacks (perhaps tomorrow we’ll do Beanette jacks).

At the end of the first quarter we’re still tied at 0-0.   We’re feeling good and moving the chains down the field.  If we keep up this momentum, we want to move into the red zone aka the maternity ward in the coming plays (although playing football in a hospital gown might get tricky – I’d hate to expose my non-tight end).

For now, we’re going to huddle up and take a breather (and a cookie break).   We need to rest up because tomorrow’s game plan entails some big plays — more walking, spicy chili dinner and maybe a bumpy ride screen pass.

If our Team Captain decides she’s ready for a big play and wants to get in the game, we’ll keep you posted!!



  1. Go to LUNCH! Rubys or Fridays!

  2. do what anne suggested 😉 and deep knee bends- keep Denny close by though!

  3. Can”t wait to read about the big day!!! So happy for you both and I love reading your blogs!!!!!

  4. Spicy food has done NOTHING for me, same for that tease of a full moon! Brody was born at 41 weeks, so I guess I just need to stop thinking about labor knowing I could be in it for the long haul. (easier said than done! I’m the pregnant elephant in the room)

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