40 Week Bumpdate

It’s October 2, 2012


We Made It!  Forty Weeks and our Little Girl’s Due Date!! 

Our final sticker!   And check out the Bump, whoa!

Turns out our little girl is a little trickster and doesn’t seem interested in arriving just yet.  In the meantime, I finished my last day of work yesterday so now we are patiently waiting.

It’s so exciting but yet hard to really comprehend all that is about to happen.  Part of it is bittersweet because I’ll really miss being pregnant and feeling her move all day (and who doesn’t miss the chance to wear stretchy-waisted pants), but I know meeting her in person will be the most amazing day of our lives.

Based on our Doctor’s appointment yesterday it looks likely that we will try an attempt at being induced tomorrow.  We will be sure to keep the world updated when our little pumpkin arrives.

Stay tuned!  🙂

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