Pictures of the Week *The First Ten Days*

Hi friends!

Mommy and Daddy have been really busy taking care of me so I thought I would help out and write this post.  Since I’m only ten days old don’t pay much attention to my punctuation and spelling.

So far I’m really liking this place called earth!  It’s much drier than my last home and I get to wear all kinds of cute clothes.  Check out my outfit on the day I came home from the hospital.  That was such a fun day!  All the nurses waved good-bye to me and then I got to see my home, my room, and meet my big sister Lexi.  She’s pretty furry (I hope it’s not genetic) and doesn’t seem super excited about me yet.  I’m sure we’ll be BFF’s in no time.

Going home, wheee!!!

My days are really busy.  I try to get lots of beauty rest although Daddy tells me I’m already the prettiest baby girl ever.  Then I spend lots of time eating.  Mommy and I sit in the big chair in my room and listen to the Lullaby station on Pandora.  She says it’s the best app ever, but I’m not sure what that means.  The other day we heard a song called The Rainbow Connection and it made Mommy cry (she seems to cry more than me and I’m the baby).

Snuggle time with Daddy! He’s the best!

I have been meeting all kinds of fun people too!  There are lots of cool girls that live on my street and they want to hang out with me, yay!  I hope they can give me some hair tips.  After Mommy and Daddy give me a bath my hair gets fluffy and sticks up a lot.  I might get made fun of at daycare if something doesn’t change.


This week my MaMaw and PapPap came from a place called Pittsburgh to meet me.  They held me super tight and MaMaw brought me my very first Steelers cheerleader outfit!   I think I’ll wear it for Halloween.

I LOVE MaMaw and we even have the same middle name.  How cool!

I Love PapPap too!

While they were in town Mommy had a really nice lady come over and take my pictures.  Guess who wasn’t excited about this?  Yep, me.  Mommy says that I must take after my Daddy because he hates getting his pictures taken.  But it was right in the middle of my second afternoon nap and I was kind of hungry too.  Despite this, I did my best to look cute and it worked.  Mommy even cried when she saw some of the finished results (see what I mean about Mommy crying so much).  Here are some sneak peeks of them.

Here I am in a pretty white headband!

I was pretending to sleep so they would stop taking my pictures here. But I did kind of like this tutu.

Daddy and Mommy kissing, eww!

Wow, writing this has really tired me out and I think I hear Mommy coming up to check on me!  Next week Daddy goes back to work (super sad face) but I’ll be sure to help Mommy update everyone with our adventures.




  1. Love the pictures and story!!! Brought a tea
    r to my eyes reeding it!)

  2. hahaha i love that Kenzie girl is blogging already 🙂 shes so talented!

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