Pictures of the Week *Parenting Lessons*

I try to make this blog as real as possible, so I figured it would be entertaining to have a post about the reality of the first 18 days of being parents.  We read the books, took the classes, listened to the advice, but now the real learning is taking place.  And as much as we absolutely ADORE and LOVE her, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have all the answers.  It’s like the movie Rudy… as much as he loved the game of football, he wasn’t destined to be the starting QB.

So here we are into day 18 of Makenzie Season.  We aren’t first-string parents yet, but we are working our butts off and putting in the time.  Makenzie is growing and doing great, and we continue to learn.  Here is the highlight reel:

Lesson #1 – Never take for granted the stuff in life that used to be easy

The simple act of showering is not so simple anymore.  Moms, any other advice on how to get clean when you the only one at home with a babe?

My morning view from the shower… luckily on this morning Kenzie was snoozing. I’ve had a few showers cut short by a screaming babe.

Lesson #2 – Dads are very innovative

When Dad’s in charge, never underestimate a good place for Makenzie to rest when you need both hands to cook dinner… case in point, her bathtub (even if she already took her bath for the day)

All swaddled and ready for a snooze in the bathtub!

Lesson #3 – Technology is your friend!

I have to be honest on this one.  I couldn’t get through a day as a Mom without a smart phone.  If I didn’t have a nursing app I would have no idea when Makenzie ate last.  If I didn’t have a white noise app the poor girl would probably never sleep.  Lullaby, schmullaby… my daughter only wants the consistent soothing noise of water and fans putting her to sleep.  Perhaps she can already recognize that I’m a terrible singer?

Lesson #4 – Life is Not a Norman Rockwell photo

What Mom doesn’t envision life with her newborn baby as a series of Normal Rockwell photos??

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our share of sappy family moments…  check out this picture; it kind of makes you think we are the Perfectsons, right?

Now let’s get real!!!   Yes, we love each other.  Yes we adore Makenzie.  Yes we try to make our Normal Rockwell dreams a reality as much as possible, BUT this is real life, not a storybook.  Take for instance Makenzie’s first photo shoot.  We had an absolutely AMAZING photographer ready to go, but I didn’t time it right and Makenzie was a hungry baby (oops! deduct 10 points for Mom of the Year).  Check it out:

We’re going to need a lot more than air brushing to make this a holiday card!

Luckily, Jessica (the amazing photographer), managed to get some unbelievable shots (see above the screaming baby photo) but I sure will try to manage her feeding time better next time.  Live & learn!


So for now my lesson is that I better stop blogging because this baby girl is hungry.  Sending everyone a lesson-filled and happy week!

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