Pictures of the Week *Happy Halloween!*

What’s Bigger than the election and Bigger than SuperStorm Sandy?…

Makenzie’s 1st HALLOWEEN!!

(It’s honestly not bigger than either of the aforementioned events, but it’s pretty important to us )

Ever since I found out we were having an October baby I dreamed about taking her to Pumpkinville, a huge farm a few towns over full of corn mazes, live animals, crafts and thousands of pumpkins!

I envisioned a crisp fall day…  I envisioned Denny and I dressed in fall colors…  And I envisioned pushing Kenzie in the stroller while we kicked the fall leaves and sipped pumpkin spice latte…

And then we had Makenzie and got real.  We realized bringing a newborn to a giant farm to pick out a pumpkin, in between feedings nonetheless, was not happening.

Enter Plan B… the convenient ice cream stand down the street that sells pumpkins and bales of hay.  Hold the lattes, we’ll take the pumpkin express please!

So here she is on the big day of picking out her first pumpkin…

She was so excited she slept right through it all!

Denny and his little pumpkin

I might be partial but check out how adorable she is!!

And what’s Halloween without a costume?!?  Yes, we may have deprived Makenzie of her first trip to pumpkinville but we’re certainly going to dress her up for the big occasion!  We made a few trips to Target and Babies R Us to scope out the adorable infant costumes – pumpkins, ladybugs and bumblebees – but we couldn’t commit to any of these.  Then one night at about 4 AM while I was feeding her, my sleep-deprived eyes spotted her red and white striped onesie in her closet, and BOOM her first Halloween costume idea was born…

Meet the Little (and cutest) Where’s Waldo!!

Just try and find that babe in the midst of all of her toys!

A costume close-up

We’re pretty excited for the big day tomorrow!  She might not make it out to Trick or Treat, but we’ve done our best to capture the big moments of Makenzie’s 1st Halloween (okay, we haven’t yet carved that pumpkin, but we’ve still got 26 hours and 46 minutes and we work quite well under pressure).


Happy Halloween to you!! May you have a wonderful holiday and get lots of delicious candy!!



  1. She is adorable!!!

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