Pictures of the Week *Makenzie is a month old*

Happy One Month Birthday Makenzie Ruth!

(Mommy confession… it was actually last Sunday but I’m totally behind in everything)


How did the past month go so quickly?!  Our baby is already growing and changing so much!

Here is what Makenzie has been doing:

  • Taking her one month photos!  She didn’t love the day I put her in a tutu (clearly) so we got took a few more shots a couple of days later
One month photo shoot, take 1!
One month photo shoot, take 2!
(Sadly the 1 month picky sticky got ripped during failed attempt 1, please envision her wearing it in this picture)
  • Growing!  Our little Beanette was 8 lbs 3 oz at birth and has grown to 10 lbs at her one month check-up.  Way to go baby girl!  She is pretty much out of her newborn clothes (yes, I cried) and into the next size.
  • Enjoying Tummy time.  She loves her playmat and does pretty well at holding up her head.

  • Visiting friends and family!  We are slowly but surely getting better at leaving the house.  So far Kenzie has visited lots of our friends, cruised around the mall, enjoyed a lunch downtown and can practically drive to Target on her own.  No matter where we go she can’t fight sleep.
Out & about!
  • Meeting her cousins!    We’ve been loving all of our visitors and Kenzie was thrilled to meet Deegan, Connor and Ryan.  I’m sure they’ll teach her lots of tricks.

  • Smiling!!  This is her newest and BEST trick.  We haven’t captured it on camera but I promise it would melt your heart.


That’s a quick recap of her first month of life.  It is AMAZING how much we have learned since the day she was born, and we continue to find out more about Makenzie and being parents each day.  We love her SO much and we can’t believe how fast time is flying.  We are looking forward to many more adventures in the future!


  1. She is such a doll!!!! Love that she can find her way to Target – it’s instinct baby!

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