Pictures of the Week **So Thankful!**

Maybe it was because I rocked Makenzie to sleep tonight and fell in love all over…  Maybe it’s the crazy hormones (yes, still)…. Or maybe it’s just the warm fuzzies I get thinking of the upcoming holidays.  But regardless of the reason, I feel very thankful tonight!


I haven’t been great about updating this blog, or returning calls & messages, or finishing Thank you notes.  In fact I haven’t been great at much lately (the Health Dept. would be scared of my kitchen floors right now) but I have been great at spending lots and lots of time with our sweet baby girl, and taking pictures to prove it.

So I thought I would make a quick slideshow of why we are so incredibly thankful this Thanksgiving!  She will be 7 weeks on Turkey Day and she is getting so big and changing everyday!  See for yourself…

Happy Thanksgiving from the McGees!

(click here)

Wishing you and your families a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

May your dinners be yummy, may your pants be elastic and may your Black Friday shopping adventures be fabulous!!


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