Pictures of the Week *Giving Thanks with our little turkey*

Almost December?!?  But where did November go?  Before another month flies by, I want to post about our Turkey Day week.  Denny was off work and we had a full week of family fun!

Here are some highlights:


Makenzie’s 1st trip to Ohio! 

We went to Cleveland for a night and Makenzie got to meet lots of family.  Not only did our girl travel well, but Denny and I also fared okay.  I was so nervous about all the “what ifs” while traveling with an infant that I was up at 4 AM before we left to check and double-check everything (we are such rookies).  For any new moms, my best advice is to pack some extra outfits and the Stain Stick (especially if your baby shares her excitement in an explosive way like Kenzie does).

Makenzie and her always hilarious & crafty Aunt Lorraine

Makenzie meeting her cousins in town from Germany, so fun!  Come back soon!

Makenzie’s GREAT grandparents. What a lucky lady to have 6 grandparents!


Makenzie’s 1st Biggest Party Night of the Year! 

Having two parents that went to one of the Top Party Schools in the Nation puts a lot of pressure on Makenzie, but on Thanksgiving Eve our little one managed to toss back a few bottles in the wee hours of the night!  Party on baby girl!

Just about to pass out after a few Breastmilk Lites


Makenzie’s 1st McGee Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving morning (after we started the turkey of course) we got to snuggle with our girl and watch the parade!  I loved the parade as a kid and I can’t wait until Makenzie can enjoy it just as much.  Then she gave us the ultimate reminder of why we are so thankful, a HUGE melt-your-heart grin (bonus – we actually captured it on film).  Denny’s parents came to town and we had a great meal and Makenzie got some special time with her MaMaw and PapPap.

Can you handle the cuteness??

Kenzie and Mamaw. “Can you say pierced ears, Makenzie?”

The girl was passed out by the end of the day! Apparently she overate too.


Makenzie’s 1st Quilty Thanksgiving

My parents and my sister and her family came up Saturday for another celebration!  With 2 little kiddos under 18 months, it was a great (and tiring) end to the week.  Kenzie LOVES her cousin Ryan and is super excited for another little boy cousin arriving around St. Patty’s Day.

Fun times!

Now that Turkey Day is over, we can tell Ryan all about Santa. 🙂


So now it’s on to Christmas and New Year’s…  We’re trying to enjoy every moment because it is Makenzie’s 1st holidays and the end of my maternity leave.  Without sounding cheesy, we can’t say just how thankful we are to have such wonderful friends, family and beautiful baby girl!

See you in December!

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