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Pictures of the Week! *One busy babe*

Psst, it’s me again…  Makenzie!  Mom’s making my bottles so I bribed the kitty with some snacks to bring me the laptop.  She’s such a sucker for Friskies (but don’t tell her I said that).

We’ve been having so much fun!!  I go to school and play and play and nap and play more, then Mommy or Daddy pick me up and we play and play more.

Here’s what’s else we’ve been doing…


 Watching the Sabres!

1_14 Sabres outift

I like when they score goals (and it makes Daddy happy too)!


Practicing for St. Patty’s Day!  I’m not really sure who Patty is but Mom said it’s one of the best days of the year.

1_12 Shamrock happy face

I hope Patty likes headbands, maybe we can share!


 Dressing warm for the winter

1_22 SNowman       1_21 Hat


Celebrating the upcoming arrival of my new friend Baby Joshua!

1_19 Michelle and Tom

Mommy’s friends Michelle and Tom are going to be super duper parents

1_19 Kenzie and Maddie 2

My friend Maddie and I checked out all the gifts Joshua got!


But just when we were getting ready to go to Ohio to see Nana, Papa, Auntie Melissa, Auntie Sara and my super cool big cousin, Ryan, I got something called the flu.  Ewwww!!   My tummy was so mad at me.  🙁  Mommy and Daddy and I spent lots of time snuggling.

Feeling yucky!


But don’t worry, I’m feeling way better today and I even got to sit in my high chair like the big girls at school.  I can’t wait until I can eat big girl food too (especially because I pay extra close attention to where Mom keeps the cookie dough and I’m sure I can bribe Lex to bring me that too)

1_13 High chair


That’s about it for me.  I need to get some sleep so I can be extra rested and wake Mommy up in the middle of the night (tee hee).

Nighty night and Sweet Dreams!

XOXO, Kenzie


I’ve been back to work for about 3 weeks now and attempting to juggle it all.  It’s not easy but it feels good when I (sometimes) get it right.  And please don’t judge me but it turns out I’m actually happy to be back to work.  I LOVED maternity leave and I miss our little girl all day, but I also appreciate having some balance.   So while I was racing down Route 33 on my way to work this morning (hoping that I remembered to leave bottles at daycare, worrying that I forgot to turn off the coffee pot and praying I put on matching shoes) I started to do a little thinking about my “title” in this world.

It’s a funny little thing how aspirations change over time.

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be known as Mom someday.  But I also had other goals.  In high school and college I was convinced I wanted a glamorous job.  I was hoping for a title that included the words VP or Chief.  I wanted to work in a tall building with a fancy title.  I wanted to wear heels and dressy clothes.    I was ready to take on the world!!

So I interned… lots!  Seven times to be exact.  I worked in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and NYC, and much of those times I worked for free.  Although the “experience” didn’t exactly pay for my college tuition I was convinced it would someday get me to my dreams.

Then I graduated OU and I jumped into the corporate world.  Sure I had a few “glamorous” moments.  I was able to work with some famous people and I spent plenty of days in heels and nylons.  But it turns out that famous people aren’t really that fun.  In fact when you work in an industry in which you are responsible for ensuring these “famous” people have a good stay, they can kind of be a famous pain in the panty-hose-wearing-a$$.   And wearing heels all day– well that gets old pretty quick too.

So I eventually decided I needed to add another title to my portfolio for a bit in hopes of opening more doors… Ahh Grad student.  Fun times!  Just when I thought hotel guests were challenging, I was wrong.  Waaaay wrong.  12+ hour works days, 4+ hours of homework per night, 5+ days per week = 21 + rough months.

But just as quick as it started, it ended.  I was a grad school grad, hooray!  And the blood, sweat and tears invariably did open more doors.  This time it opened the door to an awesome job at UB.  And I’ve officially switched my view on titles….

I traded wearing fancy heels & drooling over famous people for enjoying jeans-day-Friday & wiping up drool for an adorable baby.

I gave up a the corporate world for a chance to make a difference in the community.

And I realized the dream of being a VP might be a nightmare when you are trying to be M-O-M.

Energetic intern ~~ Overworked corporate glam girl ~~ Hungry-for-change grad student

~~ Working Mom! ~~

So, here I am!!  A working Mom!  I made it to the best title in the world.  My boss in the office is great but my little boss snuggled up in her bed upstairs is even more amazing than I could have ever imagined.   It’s been quite the journey but I can’t remember a time when I’ve loved my title as much as I do now!


Picture of the Week *Buggy Rides!*

Life has been a bit busy now that I’m back to work but a fun little e-mail popped up in my Inbox this week and it totally made my day!

The WONDERFUL teachers (aka saints) at Doodlebugs had the patience and skill to load 8 adorable and squirmy little munckins into 2 buggies this week and take a cruise around the center.  And if that is wasn’t enough, they found time to take some pictures and then e-mail them to the parents.


So here are the hilarious pictures I found in my Inbox —   Enjoy!

1_16 Buggy at DB 1

Buggy fun for Makenzie with Hadley, Conner and Evan!

1_16 Buggy at DB 3

“But Miss Danielle, I wanted to ride in the front!”

1_16 Buggy at DB 2

All tuckered out.. good thing the green paci was along for the ride!

Talk about a highlight of the week.  🙂

Thanks for coming along for the ride in our little world.  I promise I’ll update more shortly.  Have a great week!

Picture of the Week *3 Months!*

Hi friends,

It’s me, Makenzie!!  Mommy went back to work and has been sooo busy lately.  Daddy has been super busy lately too doing laundry and snowblowing (Mommy says he’s the best –I agree).    So I borrowed the laptop while Mommy thought I was napping to help her out with a blog post.  She says that the family and friends like to see how cute I am (sheesh, my face is red).

Guess what?!?  I’m 3 months old already!  Can you believe it?  I’m almost as old as the iPhone 5! Wow!  It’s been such a fun month.  Here’s what we have been doing:


Daycare!!  I’m officially a Doodlebug!  Yay!  My classmates are so fun and my teachers are really good snugglers (not as good as Mommy and Daddy but pretty close).  When they aren’t looking I like to kick my socks off and then make Mommy and Daddy look for them when they pick me up (it also works with my pacis and my headbands).  Tee hee!

Sleeping at night without my swaddle.  Talk about freedom!!  I really love to suck on my finger at night while I dream about my next bottle (yum!).  And sometimes Mommy thinks I have a question because I raise my arm while I’m dreaming.  Not being swaddled is SO much fun that I sometimes like to wake up in the middle of the night and remind Mommy and Daddy about my excitement.  They don’t seem to share my enthusiasm at 4 AM.  Oh well.

Holding my head up!  Turns out that my neck has a purpose (aside from storing milk, eww).  It helps me raise my head so I can watch my toys… and the TV, and the cat, and my glowworm.  I’ll pretty much watch anything if you lay me on my tummy!

1_4 3 mo front

Look at me holding up my head, whee!

Taking pictures!   Surprise, surprise, Mommy’s taking more pictures of me.  I doubt I even needed to mention that but it’s a big part of our day and they turn out pretty cute sometimes.  Take a look at the ones Mommy took today.  I was cold but I put on my best cute face to try and make her finish faster.  I think it worked because we took a nap together right after this.

1_4 3 mo ruffle butt 2

Mom distracted me with my glowworm and took a picture of my ruffled bum bum.  Oh man, I fall for it every time.

1_4 3 mo sticky on tummy

Sunny side up!

And of course I had to take a picture in my tutu

And of course I had to take a picture in my tutu.  I saw Daddy and I was hoping he would save me.

I think I hear Mommy so I better go!  Don’t tell her you saw me on the laptop, I’m not supposed to play Angry Birds during bedtime.




Maternity Leave from a Quantitative Perspective

Tomorrow is the day I go back to work and spend the day away from Makenzie.  Wow, maternity leave FLEW by!

Tomorrow I have to wear pants that zip.  Tomorrow I’ll be checking e-mails instead of snuggling with my baby.  Tomorrow I need to limit use of the words tummy tums, bum bum and Kenzie Bear. Tomorrow I have to trade having a little fun today with Ellen for having a little staff meeting with my co-workers.

I’ve already been crying at the thought of having to say good-bye to our girl’s sweet little face so I figured I’d keep this light.  And since I need to get back into a business mindset, here is my Maternity Leave Overview from a Quantitative (and slightly guesstimated) perspective


1,000,000+ lessons learned about life, lullaby singing, parenting, poop consistency, bottle sanitizing…      I can go on for days about this

14,134 minutes spent feeding the babe (this is a fact according to the app)

3200 minutes spent shushing and bouncing and wondering if my baby would ever possibly go to sleep, then when she did go to sleep I stared at her waiting for her to wake up so I could see her baby blue eyes

2640 kisses (at least) given to her little forehead and tummy tum and bum bums

1779 pictures taken of her from my camera

1250 miles traveled to introduce Makenzie to our family

522 diaper changes

$148 spent on Pampers

97 loads of laundry (thankfully my husband did most of them or I’d still be in the outfit I wore home from the hospital)

88 days spent with a beautiful baby girl – I’m SO thankful for this

50 shades of grey… clothing!  (It was maternity leave, friends, get your minds out of the gutter)  Grey yoga pants, sweatpants, t-shirts, zip-ups, hoodies – all cozy clothes are grey!

44 minutes of pushing to meet her

One 31 purse party.  Hey, I had to introduce her to cute bags even if she cried during the entire party, oops!

14 hours of labor

6 amazing people in our lives that are new grandparents again

5 “S”s to make her the Happiest Baby on the Block

4 trips to the pediatrician office

3 Baby’s 1st Holidays!

2 Picky Sticky photo shoots

ONE sweet, awesome, lovable little girl that I’m going to miss like crazy all day

So that about sums it up!


Thanks maternity leave, you were even better than I imagined (aside from a few mommy meltdowns which they failed to tell us about in birth class).

Hope to see you again soon!