Picture of the Week *Buggy Rides!*

Life has been a bit busy now that I’m back to work but a fun little e-mail popped up in my Inbox this week and it totally made my day!

The WONDERFUL teachers (aka saints) at Doodlebugs had the patience and skill to load 8 adorable and squirmy little munckins into 2 buggies this week and take a cruise around the center.  And if that is wasn’t enough, they found time to take some pictures and then e-mail them to the parents.


So here are the hilarious pictures I found in my Inbox —   Enjoy!

1_16 Buggy at DB 1

Buggy fun for Makenzie with Hadley, Conner and Evan!

1_16 Buggy at DB 3

“But Miss Danielle, I wanted to ride in the front!”

1_16 Buggy at DB 2

All tuckered out.. good thing the green paci was along for the ride!

Talk about a highlight of the week.  🙂

Thanks for coming along for the ride in our little world.  I promise I’ll update more shortly.  Have a great week!

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