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Good-bye old pal!

It is with a heavy heart that we say good-bye to our longtime pal, Mr. Jeep Liberty…


In Loving Memory

Mr. Jeep Liberty

2003 - 2013

2003 – 2013

Our good friend, Mr. 2003 Jeep Liberty McGee (nee Quilty), moved along to the next phase of his life peacefully Monday evening at the ripe old age of 164,535 miles, surrounded by his long-time owner, and dealership employees.  Mr. Liberty was a longtime companion, friend, and accomplice during many of the McGee journeys over the past 8+ years.  It is an understatement to say that he carried us on his back through life.

Mr. Jeep was brought into this world (likely) on a muggy day on an assembly line in Michigan in 2003, and became a faithful member of the (then) Quilty clan in 2005.  In 2008 he celebrated his owner’s wedding and officially became a McGee during a quiet ceremony held simultaneously at the DMV and the Department of vehicle titles (is that a real dept?).

Mr. Jeep is survived by many good memories, 47 oil change receipts, a random cassette tape found in the glove box, paperwork from 8+  years of insurance, his license plates, and the extra key (which we forgot to turn in, oops).

Mr. Jeep exemplified the terms dedicated and reliable driving the McGee clan multiple times to and from Buffalo, Washington, Niles, Athens, Albany, Niagara-on-the-Lake and countless other cities.  Some of his finer moments include navigating a flood on the NYS Thruway, forging through snowstorms in Erie, and cruising along the highway on sunny summer days!   He persevered even when the backseat was doused with a gallon of coffee cream in the dog days of summer… quite the aromatic experience.   He was a trooper in every sense of the word.

During his recent days he showed his practical joker side often by flashing multiple dashboard lights while at a high rate of speed, and even deciding not to start once while in Canada with his pregnant owner (see below – a sentimental walk down memory lane from this summer).

Mr. Jeep, you have been a wonderful and loyal source of transportation, and a longtime friend.  Although our journeys will continue without you, we’ll always keep you in our hearts (and perhaps your spare keys on our key rack)!

So long, old pal!  Hoping you step on the gas and drive off into the sunset…


(A recent memory/blog post to remember one of Mr. Jeep’s practical jokes)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Journey to the Weekend

Considering Monday morning kicked off with a broken oven and a sick cat, I should have known Friday was going to be equally eventful.  Weekday bookends perhaps.  Today was the yin to Monday’s yang; the salt to Monday’s pepper, and the Matt Lauer to Monday’s Katie Couric (still the best co-hosts on Today’s show history, in my opinion).
Talk about chemistry!  I loved them

Maybe I should have been more worried today when my instincts told me to pack water, snacks and flip-flops before I left for Canada.  Or maybe I should have know that my good old Jeep Liberty would eventually need a break… But I didn’t.

So off to I went Canada today thinking my Nexus pass would be my ticket to fast border crossings on a day when a hundred thousand people were flocking to the Falls to watch crazy Wallenda walk on a wire.

It was a Friday and I was feeling good…  I quickly stopped in the offices in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and then hopped in my car to zip over to the hotel and meet my client.  And suddenly, my car would not start.  Hmm, not good.  But being the brilliant woman I am, I figured it had to be a temporary issue.  I would meet with my client for lunch and by then the car would fix itself.  They do that, right?

Four hours later I was ready to head home.  Computer bag loaded, key in ignition aaaand… nothing.

Great.      Peachy.     Awesome.
I was a happy camper.

Three rounds of unsuccessful jumper cables later did nothing but jump start my fear of being stranded in Canada all weekend.  And then my fear got even more real when I realized that Denny could pick me up IF only he could access his passport locked in our fireproof box..  ya know, the one that I locked with the key on my key chain.

Tick tick tick.  It was now almost 3 PM.  All the local car places were closing for the weekend in 120 minutes and I had no solution.  Hmm, time for AAA intervention.  And what a worthwhile call!  Turns out towing a car across the border IS possible!  Success.

So by 4ish, I hopped up in the cab of the CAA truck and off we went.  Matt the driver has 5 kids ages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 (whoa), and told me all about how to remove Crayola from kid’s bedroom walls.  Good to know.  We crossed the bridge and by 5 he was unloading my car from his truck.

The Little Jeep’s visit to Customs!

Turns out Canadian drivers don’t drive into the US and US drivers don’t pick up in Canada, so I bid farewell to Matt, the baby-makin tow-truck driver, and waited for the tow truck driver from AAA to pick me up and take me on my last leg of the journey.  I waited, and waited, and waited.  Ninety minutes later, Dan arrived and loaded up the Liberty.  It was the victory lap to a long day.

Dan was quite chatty.  He broke the ice by asking if my pregnancy was a surprise (did he not notice that I practically have gray hair?), and then told me about how I am building character with Beanette by allowing her to ride in a tow truck.  Not exactly my goal, but I guess it was a bonus for the day.

By the time we pulled into the mechanics lot, tow-truck drive Dan was telling me step-by-step instructions of how to remove a cat’s head from a glass jar if it was to get stuck. Yep, more useless knowledge.  I nodded, convinced him to give me a Pregnancy Discount (he agreed!) and said Good Bye to Chatty Dan.  My ordeal was over and my cute hubby was waiting!!

It took almost five hours to travel home about 50 miles but it was quite the memorable (and comical) end to my week.  I’m finally at home… relaxing.. and enjoying my Friday with Denny, our character-filled Beanette and our cat (whose head is luckily not stuck in a glass jar).

Happy Friday to all!
May your weekend journeys be full of fun and useless knowledge!

Picture of the Week *A Wee Irish Blessing*

Top o’ the Morning to you!

You’ve probably already figured out that we like everything Irish in the McGee house!

Our new baby-to-be announcements last year were sent around St. Patty’s Day, and we are super excited for Makenzie’s 1st St. Patty’s Day!  So now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, we busted out the green!


St. Patty’s Day 2012

2_20 green baby 2

St. Patty’s Day 2013

She is quite the little Irish blessing if I say so myself!

Have a great week


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The Big 3-0!!

Last weekend was my Big 3-0!  It was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to a new decade.

While sometimes on this blog I like to get a little sappy about how fast time is going, that is not the case today friends.

We’re going to take a hard and fast look at the past decade.


My 20’s were like the month of March….

In like a lion, out like a lamb!

In like a “Thursday-night drinkin, stay-up-late, livin with girlfriends” lion.

And out like a “can’t stay up past 10 PM, I’m so in love with my baby girl, and I am considering buying a mini van” lamb.

Don’t believe me?  Well the numbers don’t lie.  Check out year over year changes of my 20’s:

thirty chart


So there you have it!  I’m not exactly a carefree 20-year old, but an awesome decade has come and gone and with it I’ve gained so much (and I’m not just referring to those lingering pounds of baby weight)!  I’ve gained a cute husband, a sweet baby, a cuddly kitty, a few gray hairs (and on occasion a recurring chin hair, gross!) 2 degrees, a Facebook account, a mortgage, a few more lines on my resume, a handful of life experiences, and lots of happy memories.

Plus I still feel young.  In fact I’m pretty much a young Sally O’Malley!

I’m Thirty… I like to kick, stretch, aaaaaaaaaand kick!!  IIIIIIIII’m Thirty!!

I’m looking forward to another decade and I have a good feeling my 30’s will be a Choo Choo Charlie and a Class Act!

Have a great week everyone!

Pictures of the Week *Four Months*

Four Months have come and gone since our sweet girl arrived and she is getting more awesome every single day!   You are probably asking, “Can a baby really be awesome?”  Heck yeah!  Don’t believe me?!?  See for yourself what our little punkin has been up to for the last month:

~ Visiting the Doctor ~

Check out those cute chubby legs!

Such a brave girl!  And she did great at her recent check-up!   Here are her stats:

14 lbs, 2 oz – 59 percentile

24 inches tall – 38 percentile (What a little peanut!)

41.4 inches head circumference – 60 percentile (Apparently it is going to her head when we tell her she is so cute!)


~ Rolling over from front to back ~

Luckily we don’t need to cover the house in Saran Wrap just yet, but Kenzie Girl is definitely getting more mobile.


~Forming an Alliance with Lexi Kitty ~

We don’t have proof of this but we’re pretty sure that Lexi and Makenzie have struck up a strategic partnership to ensure they both get fed no later than 5:04 AM daily.   When Lexi sleeps past 5, Kenzie wakes me up; and when Kenzie opts for a little extra sleep, Lexi does the honors of dancing across my forehead.  We can’t figure out the specific terms of this deal just yet, but we’re working on cracking the code.


~ Attempting to eat rice cereal ~

We didn’t have the right size spoon during the first trial (Parent fail!) but hopefully this week will go better.  Stay tuned for more on this.


~ Boycotting her crib ~

Speaking of parent fail, Makenzie is still not in her crib.  It’s not for lack of trying but she tends to wake up a lot in her crib versus her cozy rock & Play sleeper where she (sometimes) sleeps through the night.   Considering the fact that we have to wake up at 5 Am just to make it to work on time, losing sleep night after night isn’t exactly the ideal situation.  So for now, we’ve given in and we let her sleep where she is cozy.

(I know, I know… this is like the gateway drug.  Before you know it, we’ll be giving in to 2 AM curfews and an I-Phone)

I honestly can’t blame her for enjoying it so much. Here she is stretching and getting ready to start a new day. What a tough life!


~ Smiling LOTS! ~

Check out this happy little beauty!



And finally, Makenzie has been

~ Having fun with her big cousin Ryan! ~

This past weekend my family came to visit to celebrate my Birthday (more on that in a later blog post) and she had fun time with big cousin Ryan.  He’s about to be a big brother in a few weeks and is doing a GREAT job at playing with babies younger than him.


So there you have it!  One AWESOME Little four-month old!!

We’re crazy in love with our little girl and we still can’t believe she’s ours!!  Can’t wait for many more fun months!

Pictures of the Week *Ohio Babe*

Makenzie is SO excited about some of her favorite people coming to visit this weekend from Ohio!

(And I was pretty excited that she wanted to take these photos because they will serve as a nice attachment to her OU application in about 17 1/2 years)

See for yourself:

2_3 Ohio flag 1

Baby Bobcat!!

2_3 Ohio flag 3

What a cute little tush!

2_3 Ohio flag 5

Holding her head up high for OU!

Just 6 days until some family fun, and this little bobcat is ready to play!!

Have a great week everyone!