Pictures of the Week *Easter Fun*

Hi friends,

It’s me, Makenzie!  I rolled over to Mom’s laptop to share some Easter pictures.  Mom keeps saying that she thought she left the hotel industry, at least until I was born, because lately we’ve been having lots of guests.  It’s SO fun!  The Hotel McGee is at 100% occupancy.  I just can’t help that people want to see me grow.

Mamaw and Pappap came this weekend, and so did the Easter Bunny!  Take a look at all the fun…

3_29 Touching the bunny

Here I am all ready for my school Easter Party!  “Hi Mr. Bunny!”

3_29 5 am tea party

I was so excited for Easter I woke Mommy up at 4:30 am. We had a tea party while we waited for everyone to wake up. (Thanks Aunt Lorraine for the fun toys!)

3_30 Kenzie Easter basket

YAY!  Finally time to see what the Bunny brought!

3_31 hat 2

And the Bunny brought some sun too so we went for a walk.  Mommy made me wear this silly hat before we went outside.   “Mom I look like a fool!”

After that we had tons of fun playing!

3_30 Mamaw hair pulling 2

Gotcha Mamaw!

3_30 Mamaw giggles

But just when I let go of her hair she tickled me until I wet my diaper, oops.

3_30 funny face

They wouldn’t let me eat any chocolate so I went for Daddy’s foot.  It looked yummy!

3_30 Eating Dads foot

But Ewww, this is gross.

3_25 Kenzie and Daddy

Oh well, Daddy made up for his stinky foot by giving me some giggles!  I guess I’ll forgive him.   He loves me so much!

That’s about it for now.  I better head back to dreamland!  I’ve got lots of growing to do, I’ll be SIX MONTHS this week!

Nighty night, xoxo


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