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Hi honey, I’m home!!

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After a pretty rough stretch at the McGee house I’ve returned to blog-ville!  I missed my laptop, but it waited for me like a good little laptop (even after I slathered it in Lysol).


Last Tuesday morning kicked off some less than stellar days in McGee history.  Imagine the scene in the Hangover when they first woke up in Vegas (minus the partying and the tiger in the bathroom)… that’s kind of how we felt.

What we thought was something that Denny ate, turned into a full-blown flu that visited both Denny and me (luckily it did not visit Makenzie-yay!).  It was a sleeping-on-the-bathroom-floor, hugging-the-toilet, blacking-out-due-to-dehydration flu-a-palooza.  It kicked our butts.

Unfortunately way worse than the flu was a few nights later when Makenzie was up all night with what turned out to be her first double ear infection.  Ouch and ouch!  Our poor babe was miserable, but bounced back great after a few days of snuggles and antibiotics.  She is such a little trooper!

4_2013 sick Kenzie

Sick peanut 🙁


BUT on a much brighter note, last week wasn’t all bad (you didn’t think I’d write a whole post about lame-o sickness, did you?).  Denny and I managed to squeeze in an awesome and much-needed date night between the fevers and the other fevers.  Thanks to the my parents for watching our girl, we took a little trip to the casino to see one of the funniest guys ever, JIM GAFFIGAN!!  True, we had to practically overdose on caffeine to stay awake for the show that went past 10pm, but we persevered and laughed our butts off!  We even made it out for a night-cap at our favorite Lancaster watering hole.  Go us!

Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of us all dressed up and out on the town, but here’s something just as good.  Two ice-cold beers and a nice momento of a funny night.

jim gaffigan 2

Cheers to us!  And cheers to Lysol, Amoxicillin, immodium and Pepto!

Here’s to more nights of funs and less days with runs!  (C’mon, I couldn’t resist that rhyme)


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