Old Blog Meet New Blog… Old Blog, New Blog… New Blog, Old Blog…

Step into the time machine friends… we’re going back all the way to… FUNKYTOWN!

Nope, just kidding.  We’re actually just going back to March 2012.  I was pregnant and full of crazy ideas.  I thought having a baby meant sitting around all day and singing lullabies.  I thought we were having a boy.  I thought I could handle 2 blogs (one personal blog for family, and one blog for fellow Moms laughing my way through parenting and pregnancy)!   HA!   Funny, right?

The good news is that I’ve landed back in reality and I’ve learned the real truth about all 3 of the above misconceptions (our May 2012 sonogram sure put a top to the blue clothes purchasing).  But the purpose of this post is more to focus on the error of my ways in thinking I could dual blog.  Crazy right?

Since my hallucination-filled  days of pregnancy I have moved solely to this mommymcblog site but unfortunately I still have some of my old posts at the other blog.  And I feel like I moved out of an old apartment and left all my belongings.  So slowly but surely I’m going to bring all the old posts onto this site so all my blogging randomness can finally be together.

Soooo long blog post made short… you’ll be seeing some “new/old” posts arriving on this site.  I am not trying to trick you by re-posting old stuff, I’m just finishing up the move.

If you read this already, feel free to continue on your merry way to other Websites.  And If you haven’t read this before, you are also welcome to continue on your merry way to other sites (let’s face it, my ideal of humor is still pretty lame).  But I do appreciate you stopping by!   Hope to see you back again soon. 


Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hunger Games!

Its seems only appropriate to be blogging about some of the hot conversations in pop culture society so here goes my thoughts on the Hunger Games…
Be warned, this is my personal twist on the Hunger Games.  The post is not about Katniss and it does not take place in Panem.  In fact, I still haven’t even read the books on my Kindle (the first trimester tired-ness hasn’t let me stay awake to do much reading lately).  Instead this post is about the McGee Hunger Games that take place on a nightly basis when Denny or I bravely ask the question of “What do you want for dinner?”  My Grandma always likes to remind me that marriage is not all about champagne and roses, and I’m rudely reminded of it every night at about 5:50 when I’m NOT zipping around the kitchen in a cute apron sauteing, marinating and offering my husband “try this” samples on a fancy wooden spoon.
Instead of “June Cleavering” we embark on what I like to call “Hunger Games Circuit Training.”  We both sulk around the kitchen and stare blankly into the fridge, then we move to the pantry and stare blankly into it, and the we pause at the counter to pretend to be think of a fabulous recipe.  This continues for about 5-7 minutes, and then we start a game of Hunger Games Ping-Pong
“Hm, what do you want for dinner?”
“Dinner? Hmm”    (as if this is a surprise)
“Yeah, dinner”
“Uhhh, what do you want?”
“Not sure, that is why I’m asking you.”
“Umm, how about chicken?”
“Nope had that last night… burgers?”
“Nope, no buns.”
and back and forth and back and forth.
Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy cooking… I enjoy eating… and I enjoy shopping (I excel at it), but I seem to fail about 80% of the time in getting all three of these together before the first whistle signals the start of the hunger games.  Every weekend I try to get a meal plan together and then shop accordingly.  Sometimes it is a success.  Every Sunday I try to figure out what need thawed/what needs to stay frozen/what needs prepped.  Sometimes it is a success.  So as a result, we occasionally eat healthy, balanced, pre-planned meals (and my cute apron gets used).  When that happens, we are both happy and I feel one step closer to a Katniss and Peeta eternal love!
When that doesn’t happen, we get stuck in the Hunger Games Circuit Training session.  Luckily Denny is a very good husband and a good cook and he often saves the day.  But more often than I like to admit, we end up supporting the Velveeta Mac & Cheese stock price or worse we end up jumping in the car to Eat Fresh or get a Hot & Ready.
Fortunately this is not the biggest problem in the world, and clearly neither of us are close to starving, but I’m always looking for ways to win the Hunger Games.  If anyone else has walked away a Hunger Games champ, please tell your secrets!!  I’m in training and could use a little help!


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