*Pictures of the Week* Bed Bath and Beyond… Adorable!

Registering was one the most fun parts of wedding planning!  Denny may beg to differ on the fun level, but I slowly walked through every single nook & cranny of Bed Bath & Beyond and envisioned how each item would perfectly fit into our “someday” million dollar mansion.  I envisioned sipping champagne from fancy flutes, savoring filet off our fine china and relishing lazy Sunday mornings in my fancy schmancy white cotton robe.

Turns out we ended up scanning only practical items, but hey, who doesn’t dream a little bit while they register?

And now almost 5 years later, we are happier than ever that we went with practicality versus fancy-cality (is that even a word?)…

We are glad our plastic water bottles have lids so they don’t get spilled when Kenzie knocks them over.  We are glad our paper plates make clean-up a breeze.  And when it comes to lazy Sunday mornings, well, let’s just say I am beyond glad when I when I get to sleep past 5:15 am… who has time to lounge around in a bathrobe?!

And aside from practical, it turns out that some of the wonderful gifts our friends & family showered us with when we said I Do would actually come in handy to contain a very busy and adorable little baby girl.

Maybe that’s what they refer to in the “Beyond” part of the name…

bed bath beyond adorable logo

4_26_13 Kenzie laundry basket 2

Squeaky clean and ready for bed and perfectly contained in the $8.99 laundry basket from Aisle C3 while Mom & Dad get out clean jammies!

4_28_13 Makenzie in ottoman

Playtime in the… you guessed it, $49 Target sale ottoman, while Mom attempts to cook dinner

4_26_13 Kenzie laundry basket 1

And gliding from room to room in a matching $8.99 laundry basket during a pre-bedtime putting-laundry-away session.

There you have it… trick #492 of Mommyhood – babies are Bed Bath & Beyond Happy just hanging out with you in everyday items!  No expensive toys needed.


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