It’s A…

…Recap of one year ago today!

It was the Friday before Mother’s Day and we were SO EXCITED to get an answer to the Big Question… Boy or Girl!  We were having a Gender Reveal Party on Saturday (Mother’s Day Eve) and we would find out the truth about Baby McGee alongside some of our closest friends and family.  It ended up being one of the BEST weekends in McGee history, and I still get giddy thinking about that day.  I definitely think it’s worth the stroll down memory lane.  And stay tuned this weekend, I’ll re-post about the day we found out Team Pink or Team Blue.   You obviously know the verdict, but it’s fun to get all sentimental and sappy once in a while (sniff, sniff, get out the tissues).


Friday, May 11, 2012

In Just One Day…

We will officially find out if we are becoming parents to a boy or girl!  This week has been a mix of emotions– lots of excitement about how our life is changing, an ounce of trepidation about how or if we will ever find all the time and money to be great parents, and a bit of tiredness (let’s be real, all this party planning can be tiring for a mama-to-be).  We only want a healthy baby but the reality of this is starting to sink in.    Tomorrow our life will change.

We will find out if…

Denny will have a daughter to someday walk down the aisle,
If I will have a son to teach about how to treat your mom.

We will find out if…

Denny will have a son to take outside and show him the essentials of baseball,
If I will have a daughter to take to dance lessons, cheerleading tryouts and Prom dress shopping.

It is incredibly exciting yet very surreal!  It will be a great day regardless if the box is filled with pink or blue balloons.  We want to savor it and remember every minute of this because I’m pretty sure the next 18 years will fly by, and before we know it we will be spending our Saturdays in May at Graduation ceremonies, college Parents weekends and perhaps even weddings (speaking of, do we need to start saving for that too?)
Have a great weekend everyone, and an especially Hapy Mother’s Day weekend to all those amazing women out there that we love, that we miss, and that we admire for their compassion, endless energy, and amazing courage.  XOXO Mamas!

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