Pictures of the Week *Seven Months!*

Makenzie Ruth is 7 Months!

5_7 7 months 2

It’s going SO fast and it’s been so fun!   Here’s what the little munkin (one of our favorite nicknames for her — mix of munchkin + pumpkin) has been up to this month:

Eating:  Kenz-o LOVES puffs!  She can feed them to herself and she can’t get enough.  And when it comes to other foods, she’ll eat anything – prunes, green beans, apples, pears, bananas, peaches, you name it – EXCEPT if it is mixed.  Lately we’ve tried some (what we thought were) delicious combos like peach oatmeal, apples & bananas, and strawberry blueberry, and she hates it.  Really hates it.  We’re talking meltdown city every time.  Perhaps she’s the kind of kiddo that won’t want her food to touch on her plate?

Learning & Exploring: She’s SO excited to explore everything — touching, grabbing and putting it all in her mouth!  She’s talking and giggling all day.  And she’s just about crawling now and pulling herself up too!  The below pictures of the photo shoot tell it’s own story of her activity level.

imageDoes that really say 7 Months?!?    I’m a BIG girl now!


Oooh, that looks yummy!


7 Months, here I come!


Darn, Mommy moved it too far away and now I can’t get it


Guess I’ll just sit here and grin. 🙂

Sleeping:  Our girl is officially in the crib and sleeping through the night in it (I realize this may have jinxed it).   Who knew she would resist going from the Rock N Play so much, but I think we’ve finally get her on board with the crib plan!  It might be due to the 78 pacis that we sprinkle all over the crib for her to ensure she’ll always be an arms reach with a self-soothing little piece of rubber, but who cares??  When it comes to parenting I’ve learned that you’ve gotta do what works!

Teeth:  Still none yet, although we’re officially The Parents that cried Teething We’ve been convinced that those unusually fussy days have been due to teething for about 4 months now, but we’ve been wrong every time, oops.   I’ll be kind of embarrassed to buy another box of Hylands teething tablets if those little buggers don’t show up soon.  Live and learn.

Best part of being 7 Months:    All of it so far!  I guess we’ve been having so much fun that we’re really behind on blogging since our little girl is almost 8 months.   And more to come soon but Kenz has had lots of firsts during her 7 months – swim class, big girl baths and trips to the zo0 – stay tuned, the fun is just beginning!


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