Darn you Rosie!

It’s been one heck of a week!   I’ve missed bedtime 3 times.  (Insert sad face and extremely guilt-ridden Mom).

I’m glad to have a job I really enjoy.  And I’m so incredibly lucky that I have one heck of a husband who has no problem taking over all bedtime duties when I’m tied up with work.  But during weeks like this when I need more time, I get frustrated and blame the most obvious person there is.

Rosie the Riveter.  Rosie the darn Riveter!

Darn you Rosie!!

Rosie, I truly applaud your ambition and I fully respect your dream to create equality among the genders, but really Rosie… really?!  We Can Do It?!  C’mon,  this is a lot of pressure for women.  You’re killing me girl!

And honestly If you had just sat back and baked cookies a few more decades, Pinterest would have emerged and you could have used all that bustling energy of yours to craft yourself silly.

In some ways Rosie, you have a point. We CAN Do it all!   And We do DO it all every single day.  (Way to go Moms!)

But times have changed and I think it’s time your slogan does too.  It’s certainly not going to be the same for everyone but here are a few options…

rosie the riveter part-time basis

Sigh, Imagine how different like would be if Rosie Posie would have gone with this slogan

rosie the riveter spa

Ladies, I’d get this in writing

rosie the riveter cleaning lady

(A Roomba can be substituted if you can’t find a local Merry Maid)

So to the women of the world feeling the pressure of a slogan from the days before color TV, pressure no more!!  Take that darn slogan and make it your own!!

Here’s mine!

rosie the riveter flex time

PS  On a good note, you don’t have to do anything for another 3 days, wahoo.  Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!!


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