Picture of the Week *Our Little Water Baby*

One of the items on the McGee Family Fun List for the summer was Sign Kenzie up for swim class.

Makenzie turned 6 months in April which meant that she was officially ready to be in the Shrimp Swim Class at the Y.  So I stalked the registration site until non-member registration became available, and bam, we made it into my preferred Saturday 9am swim class group.  Heck yeah, check that off the list!

We are now halfway through with our swim classes and it has definitely become one of the best parts of our week.  Makenzie has a great time and I get the fun of being her buddy in the pool.  She splashes, kicks, and sings songs (well I sing and she gives me that “Mom please quit singing in public” look).  And if I toss the little pink starfish away from us, she is great at spotting it and swimming over to it.  It could because she is truly a swimming prodigy, or more than likely, because she likes to catch it and chew on it.  Either way, we have fun.

And right around the time when she turned 6 months we brought out her big girl ducky tub.  She was so proud to sit in it and splash.  The girl doesn’t go a day without cracking us up!

Check out the pictures… it looks like she’s turning into quite the little water baby!

Water baby collage


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