Happy Birthday to you…

June is a great month in my family!  It seems like everybody has a Birthday.  And who doesn’t love an opportunity to eat cake and enjoy the ones you love.

In my pre-baby ambitious days I would have probably done a blog post for each person, but that ship has long sailed.  So welcome to the June Birthday blog post spectacular.  Let’s get this party started!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to…

Mom!   You’re the best, we love you lots!  I strive to always be a positive and upbeat Mom like you were to Melissa and me.

Uncle Bill!  Hope you’re partying hard in the Villages!  See ya round the campus.

Les Q!  My awesome cousin who I bonded with over our fake ID stories on a rainy night in NYC.

Uncle Jim S!  My super cool NYC Uncle who first introduced me to sushi

Melissa!  My first friend and my best friend.  What would I do without you?

Jenn!  My incredible piano-playing, amazing Mom cousin.

Uncle Jim Q!  You’ve always been so supportive and so interested in all we do.

Aunt Lorraine!  My wonderful, zany, hilarious Aunt Lorraine.  There is nothing like your holiday light-up shirts or the long lazy days spent at your house in the summer.  I hope you know just how much I admire your strength and courage.

Connor!  My little buddy!  You always crack me up.  I can’t believe how big you’re getting.

PJ!  My cool tech-savvy cousin in the Big Apple.

Happy Birthday to you!!!

My buddy Connor (and Thor licking his glasses)

Aunt Lorraine & Uncle Jim with Baby Ryan (when he was still Baby Ryan)

The NYC crew – PJ and Uncle Jim

Beautiful sisters (that I’m lucky to call cousins) Jenn and Leslie

Uncle Bill and Aunt Joy with Ry-Guy

Kenz girl, me, Mom & Melissa

What’s a Birthday post for my big sis without one of my favorite pics of all time… “Where’s the Beef” jammies from the 80’s.

Happy Birthday to all the wonderful Q’s and S’s!  We’re Lucky to have such good people in our little world.

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