Picture of the Week *Happy Fathers Day!*

Melissa and I grew up with some of the best!

Best Dad, Best Grandpas, Best Families

I can’t say Thank You enough to each of the wonderful men in my world who helped me become who I am today, but Father’s Day is a pretty good opportunity to do it, so here goes.

Happy Father’s Day to…

Grandpa Quilty —  He was always full of wisdom & kindness, and he played a mean game of Chinese Checkers.

Grandpa Synk — I wish I was in Cleveland today to celebrate with him.  So many fun memories with him from camping in their backyard to games of Sandlot Slugger to trips to downtown Cleveland

Melissa & I with both sets of Grandparents.

Melissa & I with both sets of Grandparents.

Dad – The best Dad ever!!  A true Dad of daughters.  Dad conquered everything from dance lessons to dance parties with the Grease soundtrack and everything in between.   Dad we Love you so much!  And Makenzie is very lucky too!   She’s pretty excited to grow up having you to hold her hand.


Makenzie and Papa

Dad (in-law, Gene) – Thank you to a wonderful father-in-law for welcoming me to the family.  I’m thankful that you taught Denny to be a wonderful husband.  And Denny and I are very glad that you are a wonderful Pap Pap to our sweet girl!

I love PapPap too!

I love PapPap too!

And last but not least, Happy Father’s Day Denny!

Watching you become a Dad is better than I could have imagined.  There’s no one that can make Makenzie giggle like you can, and there is no one that she looks at the way she looks at you.  It’s true love and I consider myself to be very lucky to be able to watch you two together.   Thank you for ALL you do to make our world as happy as it is.  We Love You so much!

10_21 Kenzie with Denny

Snuggle buddies


Makenzie and her Daddy!   This picture makes my heart smile


True buddies – Makenzie watching her favorite guy

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