Mommy McBlog and the Pursuit of Happiness


happy bday americaand



A big celebration in the McGee House!  And Yes, even a laptop needs a bib when eating dessert.

The two Birthday kids are about 236 years apart but it turns out they share a common theme – the pursuit of happiness.

The pursuit of happiness theme probably make sense to you when it comes to our country, but let me explain how it pertains to a blog…

One year ago yesterday (July 4, 2012) I published the very first Mommy McBlog post, and since then I’ve fallen in love.  When it comes to blogging I really feel like I’ve found my little place in this world.  It makes me happy to be able to put my experiences into words, and I’m hoping that some of my random rambling resonates with others too.  In 365 days I’ve managed to turn my experiences into 85 blog posts that have been read by people in 36 countries.  Crazy right?  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   I’m incredibly honored that you’ve stopped by to read about this journey of ours.

But I think this blog can be even more…

I’m a big believer in dreams and call me crazy but I have a huge dream about this blog.  Someday I want Mommy McBlog to be a household name for Moms.  Someday I’d love to have opportunities to personally meet and speak to Moms groups.  Someday I’d love the honor to be considered the expert in parenting with a sense of humor (not to be confused with an expert parent, which I’m clearly not).  Someday I’d love for people to be able to read this blog and feel like they they’re not alone with the challenges of parenting.

Parenting is no joke, but I think it can be made much easier with some humor.  I definitely don’t recall humor being a topic in any part of birth class so here I am to bring it to the forefront of parent’s minds.   And here is my ask for you… if you hate the blog, tell me what I can do to make it better.  If you like the blog, tell me what other topics you want to hear about.  If you love the blog, pass it along.  share it with friends, neighbors, sisters and other Moms!

Perhaps in another 236 years people will be shooting off fireworks and grilling up burgers and weenies to celebrate the birthday of Mommy McBlog!  Perhaps not, but even if you think I’m nuts, follow my journey so your children’s children’s children can enjoy another federal holiday over the summer.


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  1. yay, i know you can do it !!!! i cant wait for my kids kids to read this someday and think way back when….
    love you and so proud of you as a blogger and a mommy!

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