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Get your Stitch Fix!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has mornings that go like this…

5:15 am alarm… (groan)… snooze… snooze… snooze…

5:30 am, oops… (more groans)… wake up and see cute baby in bed… realize you made that decision at 3 am when cute baby would not stop crying, oops… also realize your daughter will be sleeping in your bed until she’s 18 if you don’t do something soon… silently vow to yourself that tonight you’ll let her cry it out…but for now, snuggle her and hit snooze again… and again…

5:48 am… sleep too late (curse words)… move babe to pack n play… run for shower… lather, rinse, towel dry… run for bedroom

Commence the what to wear game … stare at closet (groans)… stare more (curse words)… realize baby is getting antsy… dance around in frumpy mom underwear and make monkey noises to keep baby entertained… keep staring at closet… silently curse at yourself for not getting back to gym… make more monkey noises for giggling babe…more staring at closet… settle for boring black turtleneck and gray pants… groan at lame-o wardrobe … make more monkey noises

Run downstairs with baby on hip while making coffee, packing bottle bag, putting on make-up and making monkey noises…

Silently vow that you’ll either buy new clothes or lose weight to fit into pre-baby clothes

Run out door and let the day begin…


If only there was a personal shopper who could send you stylish, affordable clothes each month… oh wait, there is!!  Hello Stitch Fix!!

For those of you not familiar, here’s how this fabulous little idea works:

Go to and create your style profile (there’s currently a waitlist, but  it’s not long at all).  Pick a package arrival date and wait for your little box of fashion happiness to arrive on your front porch.   You’ll receive 5 pieces hand-picked by your stylist.  If you like them, keep em.  If you don’t, send them all back!  Easy peasy.

  • There’s a $20 styling fee, which can be used toward your order.
  • If you keep all 5 items you receive 25% off your order.
  • The more feedback you give on the pieces sent to you, the better  they get over time. So be sure to be very specific to your stylists so  that they can send you things you’ll love.

I couldn’t resist this awesome little concept anymore and put in an order for August.  Here’s what I got!image

All the clothes didn’t work out (I clearly forgot to tell my stylist that I don’t get along with skinny jeans) but it was definitely a good experience!  And it’s perfect for busy moms with no time to shop.

So for those of you dancing around in your frumpy mom underwear while making monkey noises while cursing at your lack of clothing options, go to today (tell them I sent you) and let the fun begin!


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FIVE Years!

Five Years!  And Yes, I’d say I Do all over again!

(Denny, I sure hope you feel the same)

8_16 Wedding photo with veil

This year has brought the most change so far!  I can get wordy and sappy and long-winded about this year, but instead I’m going to use the same method to explain how I feel as 554 million users do each day… hashtags!

In honor of 5 years of marriage I’m going to recap our years together using only 5 hashtags for each year!  (Don’t try this at home)

Here goes…

2004 – The year we met…

#IWasOnlyCallingForADonation      #StarsAreAligned     #HottieHottieAlumni

#TimeToMeetTheParents      #SoHappySoSappy

2005 – A Year of Fun and new Zip Codes

#BricksAndBeer     #PompAndCircumstance     #TimeForABigKidJob

#UnexpectedJobTransfer      #WeMustLoveEachotherToDriveThisMuch

2006 – The Year we found out if we really liked eachother

#FinallyLivingInTheSameState     #LifesBetterInTheBuff     #Don’tTellGrandmaWe’reLivingInSin

#MeetLexiKitty     #WhoKnewWeEvenLikedCats

2007 – The Year of Will You

#WillYouMarryMe?     #YES!!!!!!!     #WeddingPlanningPalooza

#GoodThingWeGoToSoManyWeddings     #WhereWasPinterestWhenIWasABride

2008 – The Year of O-H-I-dO!

#TheCountdownIsOn     #FunHappyBestMostAmazingDayEver     #PartyInAthens

#WeHeartOurFriendsAndFamily     #AmazingAruba

2009 – The Year of Being Adults

#SOLD     #WereHomeowners     #RememberWhenWeThoughtPaitningWouldBeFun

#WhyDidWeThinkGradSchoolWasAGoodIdea     #INeedANap

2010 – The Year of Surviving on little sleep (or so we thought)

#75HourWorkWeeksSuck     #UhOhWeHaventEvenStartedThatPaper     #MmmmmCoffee

#SpouseStudyBuddies     #WeLoveTakeOut

2011 – The Year of Lots of Celebration

#GradSchoolGrads     #FlipCupAtTheMcGees     #BahamasBaby

#FreeTimeRocks     #BabyMaybe

2012 – The Real Year of Surviving on Little Sleep aka The Year of meeting our Makenzie

#WerePregnant!     #ItsAGirl    #MeetMakenzieRuth

#WereMadlyInLove     #BestYearEver

2013 – The Year of Hey We’re Parents

#ItRocksToBeParents     #WereCluelessAsParents     #MakenzieIsHilarious

#IStillNeedANap     #HeyWeMadeItFiveYearsAndWeStillLikeEachOtherMostDays


And it’s the truth!  We Still Like Each other (most days) and we still love each other all days!!

Denny, I don’t think I’ll ever stop asking, How’d we get so lucky?  With each other, with our families, with the opportunities and experiences we’ve been given and with our awesome little family.   We got lucky.  Really Really lucky!

Wedding laughsI Love You!  Here’s to 50 more, xoxo

PS  Maybe by then we’ll really figure out how to learn hashtags!


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Schedule it!

Sunday nights are notorious for the Oh man, I didn’t get much done this weekend feeling.  But sometimes the best way to deal with the stress of balancing it all is to get away from it all.  It’s taken me months way too long (10 months to be exact) to figure this out, but I finally did!  Just a few nights ago, I finally got away with a close friend (also a new mom) and we spent two hours relaxing, drinking wine and eating cheesecake.  No diaper bags, no high chairs, no puffs – just us!  AMAZING!!

So reading my blog won’t finish your laundry, it won’t pay your bills, it won’t scratch any items off your to do list, and it won’t beat your Sunday Blues, but hopefully it will remind you that you just need to get away sometimes.

So, do it!  Text a friend and pick a date.  The cheesecake awaits!!

Wine and peanut butter cheesecake, yeeees!


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Double Digits – Kenzie is 10 Months!

Another month has come and gone and our little Mak Attack is 10 Months Old!  It’s crazy to think she’s in Double Digits already!!!

Life with Makenzie is fun x10!


Here’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks:

* Taking her 10-month pictures.  I can’t believe we just have 2 stickers to go *


10 Months photo shoot! The girl doesn’t sit still so these pics were taken on the move.


She can’t believe she’s 10 months either!        PS  Check out how cute she looks in her little jeans


* Almost Walking! *


She’s flying through the house with Mr. Puppy


* Visiting friends & family (she’s a popular little lady)! *


Learning with Emma! Kenzie is a popular girl on the block


Fun with Nana


Kenz and all her boy cousins


Miss Makenzie with Great Grandma and Grandpa Synk


* And here’s one of my favorite new Makenzie tricks… waking up to pull the  video monitor off the side of the crib. *


The girl apparently wants some privacy. I heard the rustling from her crib one morning and checked out the action on her monitor…


and walked into room to find this proud little sweetie. Busted!


* Getting ready for the beach! *

The countdown is on until we put her little tootsies in the ocean!


Pretty girl in her sun hat


Just playing in her swim suit


Exploring and Making messes!


She loves her books! 🙂


And having lots of fun!


Love this little face


We’re trying to savor it all.  How’d we get so lucky?

The McGees have gone Green!


My name is Erin… and I’m a beige-aholic.

I enjoy beige.  I relish beige.  I cover my house in beige.

And that’s not all.  I find other neutrals to be very habit forming.  In addition to being a beige-aholic, I’ve even considered myself a gray-aholic too.  Both colors are so safe and comfortable that I can’t get enough!

But this weekend, I switched it up a little.  Our formerly dark brown front room was too dark and too drab and I had the itch to brighten it up.  So I did.  With the help of my parents (Dad to lend a hand to paint, and Mom to keep an eye on our busy little crawler) Denny and I brought green into our typically neutral house.

So after 2 rolls of frog tape and 11 hours of non-stop work, the room was transformed.  Talk about quitting neutral-aholic’ism’ cold turkey.  But now I’m having concerns and sweats… Is it the right color?  Do we like it ?  Is it too green?  Too minty?  Too bright?  Too springy?  Hmmm…

Overall I’m glad we did it.  The room is much more cozy and definitely brighter, but I can’t seem to commit to hanging pictures just yet.  I’ll get there eventually.  Perhaps I need some inspiration that can only be found during a trip to Pier One or a visit to Pinterest.  Hmm, after perspiration comes ‘Pin’spiration (is that a quote somewhere)?

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to finish off the room, please pass them along.  The path to no longer be a neutral-aholic isn’t going to be an easy one but let’s be honest, we’re way too tired to re-paint.  So it looks like we’ve gone green and we’re not to looking back!


Pictures of the finished room coming soon!

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