The McGees have gone Green!


My name is Erin… and I’m a beige-aholic.

I enjoy beige.  I relish beige.  I cover my house in beige.

And that’s not all.  I find other neutrals to be very habit forming.  In addition to being a beige-aholic, I’ve even considered myself a gray-aholic too.  Both colors are so safe and comfortable that I can’t get enough!

But this weekend, I switched it up a little.  Our formerly dark brown front room was too dark and too drab and I had the itch to brighten it up.  So I did.  With the help of my parents (Dad to lend a hand to paint, and Mom to keep an eye on our busy little crawler) Denny and I brought green into our typically neutral house.

So after 2 rolls of frog tape and 11 hours of non-stop work, the room was transformed.  Talk about quitting neutral-aholic’ism’ cold turkey.  But now I’m having concerns and sweats… Is it the right color?  Do we like it ?  Is it too green?  Too minty?  Too bright?  Too springy?  Hmmm…

Overall I’m glad we did it.  The room is much more cozy and definitely brighter, but I can’t seem to commit to hanging pictures just yet.  I’ll get there eventually.  Perhaps I need some inspiration that can only be found during a trip to Pier One or a visit to Pinterest.  Hmm, after perspiration comes ‘Pin’spiration (is that a quote somewhere)?

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to finish off the room, please pass them along.  The path to no longer be a neutral-aholic isn’t going to be an easy one but let’s be honest, we’re way too tired to re-paint.  So it looks like we’ve gone green and we’re not to looking back!


Pictures of the finished room coming soon!

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