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Sunday nights are notorious for the Oh man, I didn’t get much done this weekend feeling.  But sometimes the best way to deal with the stress of balancing it all is to get away from it all.  It’s taken me months way too long (10 months to be exact) to figure this out, but I finally did!  Just a few nights ago, I finally got away with a close friend (also a new mom) and we spent two hours relaxing, drinking wine and eating cheesecake.  No diaper bags, no high chairs, no puffs – just us!  AMAZING!!

So reading my blog won’t finish your laundry, it won’t pay your bills, it won’t scratch any items off your to do list, and it won’t beat your Sunday Blues, but hopefully it will remind you that you just need to get away sometimes.

So, do it!  Text a friend and pick a date.  The cheesecake awaits!!

Wine and peanut butter cheesecake, yeeees!


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