You’ve Got to be kidding me…

Maybe I’m just a wee bit overtired or maybe I’m a teeny bit oversensitive (because that’s never happened), but I just went to use my Toys R Us $10 off coupon to buy Kenzie’s Birthday gift…  then I turned the coupon to the back and read the phrase Excludes All toys.

Not ‘Excludes some toys’ or ‘Excludes certain toys’.  Excludes ALL toys.

Shut the diaper pail door Toys R Us.  You’ve just pushed my overtired oversensitive buttons.  And I think your customer service department needs to know…

Dear Toys R Us,
You have got to be kidding me…
I recently received a coupon that said “$10 a gift for you… our very special guest.”  I was very excited as I have a baby girl who is about to turn 1 in three weeks.  (You likely know this because I registered with you and spent oodles of money with your brand.)  I went on your Website to purchase her birthday gift (a pink cozy coupe) then turned over the coupon to read “excludes all toys.”   Seriously?   Your company, Toys R Us sent me a coupon that excludes ALL toys?  That’s sad and incredibly lame.  Please keep your coupons.  I’ll spend my money with a business that actually allows me to use their coupons on more than 2% of their products.
Many thanks,
Not Excited Moms R Us

We’ll see what they have to say.  Stay tuned!


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