11 Months – How’d that happen?

One sticker left… wow!  What a bittersweet feeling!

And it feels like it was just yesterday that I was saying the same thing about my pregnancy picky stickies.   We were just weeks away from meeting our Beanette… How was this post a whole year ago?

In just about a week and a half our Makenzie Ruth will be a one-year old girl!  I’m pretty behind with this post so I’ll keep it short and sweet…


Happy 11 month baby girl!    I love love love when she’s fresh out of the tub and in her snuggly jammies. 🙂

This month seems like it’s gone faster than the others.  Maybe because we spent 10 of the days relaxing and enjoying vacation or maybe because it’s the countdown to our little pumpkin’s 1st Birthday.

Either way she’s been busy:

  • Almost walking – she takes a lot of steps on her own but still likes to hold onto Mommy or Daddy’s hands (we like it too)
  • Babbling a lot more – her newest word is “uh oh”
  • Eating real food for every meal – no more baby food, this girl can chow down
  • Barely drinking from bottles – Our big girl is down to just 2 bottles a day
  • Playing, playing and more playing!   She loves to explore everything!
  • And last but not least (drumroll)… She’s so excited for her upcoming birthday she’s not sleeping.  Wah wah.  We’ve hit a serious parenting plateau and the only thing we see for miles is the land of sleepless nights.  Stay tuned with this, we’re trying to get her back to being a good sleeper.

But if there’s anyone we don’t mind cuddling with in the wee hours of the night, it’s Makenzie Ruth.  She’s so sweet and fun and we can’t imagine our world without her.  It’s going to be a fun 1st Birthday celebration.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Carol Fowler aka crybaby says:

    She is so cute it’s hard to take my eyes off of her. I was at your moms the other night and she looks like a baby doll in that pink dress.

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