Thirsty Thursday!

Thursday Thursday Thirsty Thursday!

I love me some Thursdays!

Some random reasons why:

  • Thursdays are like a mini Christmas Eve every week!!  It’s hard to not spend the day dreaming about unwrapping that big gift full of sleeping in and family fun.
  • Lots of good people were born on a Thursday – my sissy Melissa, Denny, yours truly, Ryan & Kenzie
  • Visits from my Friends back in the day – Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey & Phoebe!
  • 2 words – Quad Night!  Ever since the excitement of Thursdays in Athens I’ve kept a special little place in my heart for Friday Eve

  • Dunder Mifflin and the Dept. of Parks & Rec are always open on Thursdays
  • Turkeys!  Thursdays are the only weekday when you get to sit in elastic pants, eat like a fool and then watch parades and football

and coming soon…

  • Mommy McBlog posts every Thursday morning (I’ll actually post sometime Wednesday night but likely you’ll be sleeping by then)

In my attempts to balance it all I’ve decided that scheduling a little time each week to blog would be a good way to ensure I get a little me time and to ensure I don’t forget about one of my favorite hobbies.  So grab your bottle, get your sippy cup and fill your mug, it’s a Thirsty Thursday on Mommy McBlog!

I can’t guarantee there will be any Junction Punches, but hopefully you’ll be a little bit thirsty for some coffee, you’ll be a little bit thirsty for a little break in your morning and you’ll be a lot thirsty for some random rambling of an Irish Mommy.

I hope to see you here!



Belly up to the mousepad, your morning is about to get a little wild!

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