50 Shades of (every color but) Gray

This post is long overdue, but I haven’t forgotten about it.   Way back when, Denny and I committed to a few items on our To Do list.

They were List Items #81, #82, #83 & #85.

  • Commit to re-painting front room. 
  • Select color. 
  • Buy paint.  Paint.
  • Buy fluffy area rug.

Surprisingly, we did them.  But let me start at the beginning…

Over the past few years our front room has been experiencing an identity crisis – rightfully so – but I think we’ve finally figured out its purpose in life: a relaxing family room and play room.   Check it the experience to get there.

Feb 2009 – Purchase house, yeah!  At time of purchase, front room is bright blue color and used as a sitting room.

Sold!! (But not sold on the color inside)

Photos from final walk through of house (that’s not even our stuff in this picture)

Another final walk through photo of the front room

Feb 2009 – Decide we like sitting room concept but decide we need to repaint it.

March 2009 – Do nothing except change mind of what we want to do.

April 2009 – Decide room should be a dining room – add crown molding and chair rail and paint top half of room red.  No, burgundy.   No, brown.  Yes, brown.  We finally decided on a chocolate brown color.   Move small table into room with non-matching chairs.  Hmmm, we don’t love it.

Sometime in late 2009 – Finally replace non-matching table set with my grandparents beautiful dining set!   Better.

Holidays! (Blurry picture apparently taken after wine consumption)

2010 & 2011 –  Put down hardwood flooring on the main level.    But despite new floors, dining room didn’t get used for anything except  storage.  Maybe a dining room might not be a good way to go?  We decide we’re not dining room people.

2012 – Decide a sitting room is the way to go.  (I wonder if the former owners did this journey too?)  Move out dining room table and add dark rug and couch.  Hmm, not loving it, but functionality has improved.


Getting there, but too dark and too serious.

May 2013 – Commit to function of room in a new color.  Beige?  Gray?  Yellow?  Green?  Ahh, yes, let’s pretend we’re not beige-aholics and try green.

August 2013 – Buy paint samples.  Test paint samples.  Commit to a color.  Change mind.  Commit to another color.  See if parents can visit and keep busy baby away from wet paint.  Make it happen.  Yay!    “Painting with a very busy baby is fun!” – said no one ever

Sept 2013 –   Celebrate completion but wonder if we should have gone with beige.  Darn!

October 2013 – Realize we like lazy weekends more than we like to repaint.  Commit to green and take pictures.

fron room 1

Cozy couch view (end table still needed)

front room 2

Full room view, The wall above the brown chair will eventually become our family picture wall.

Nov 2013 – Finish this post.

Dec 2013 (maybe, possibly, hopefully) – Finish off room with a picture wall

I know we’re not exactly the team at Young House Love, but we’re pretty happy with the change.

What do you think?


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  1. I LOVE IT! So pretty, but then again this comes form a girl who loves, loves, loves green 🙂 I think it looks so great!

    Ok – let’s talk trim work. I noticed in the first picture you have that oak trim, but then it is white. Did you paint over it or replace it? Worth the work?

  2. Hi Jess, thanks for the feedback and I’m so glad you like it! It is finally starting to feel “right” for a room, and we’re loving it as a place to play for Kenzie. Another bonus I didn’t mention is that we have a TV in this room as well as in our family room. It’s great when we have guests so everyone can have a little space to relax (without fighting over Nickelodeon, HGTV and ESPN).

    Yes, we did paint the trim. The original trim was tinted yellow-ish and we didn’t love it so we thought painting it would be a great way to freshen it up. We’re glad now but it was waaaaaay more work than we ever anticipated. We did it when we first moved in and we had countless hours to spend on home projects, but I would encourage other people to just replace it or (even better) hire someone to do it for you. 🙂

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