There’s no doubt that we are already knee-deep in the holiday season (who else is feeling the pressure?).   BUT before we dive into the land of Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, I’m blogging once more about fall-fall-fall-fall-fall-fall-fall-fall-fall.

It’s been a fun few weeks since Kenzie’s Birthday party.  Our little baby has quickly turned into  a toddler (sobs!) and she’s ready to take on the world!

Here’s a peek into her busy little schedule…

::  Saturday Morning gymnastics class!  ::

Kenz-o falls under the Bumblebee category at a local kid’s gym center and she’s doing great!  Can we say Nadia McGee?


Bounce, bouncin on the ball!


Climbing on the obstacle course.

::  Driveway dismounts  ::

Speaking of tumble, our little gymnast tried to run down the driveway but unfortunately didn’t get a perfect 10.   She took a big Fall-la-la-la-la.  We went to urgent care who sent us to the ER.  Scary stuff, but luckily the ER told us the best news — we didn’t need to be there and she would be just fine!  We spent 12 hours monitoring her and she’s A-Okay!   We are thanking our lucky stars!


A few days after the fall and she’s feeling great!


Tweeting about her trip to the ER on her iPad. Such a modern-day babe.

:: Eating chili, the lunch of champions  ::

We’ve been taking advantage of the crisp fall weather to enjoy football Sundays.



::  And getting Holiday ready  ::

We can’t deny it.  Christmas is a-coming!  This weekend we did a quick trip to Ohio to see some friends & family.  We got some holiday photos and had a great visit.


Kenz & Keene… best buds and future bride & groom, perhaps the year 2042?


Still hard to believe Melissa and I have our own kids. Seems like just yesterday we were playing with our Cabbage Patch babies!


Our little girl looking very grown up and ready for the holidays. She makes us smile 🙂

There’s a lot more to do before Santa arrives and the next few weeks should be full of fun.
Thanks for taking time to visit the good ol’ blog!
Until next Thursday…
fa la la


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