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Introducing the iMom

For those of you that haven’t yet experienced this, I have something to share… I hang up on people all the time.  Just this week I’ve hung up on my mom, my co-worker, the pizza guy (directly between pepperoni and extra cheese),  my hairdresser and the pediatricians office 3 times.

But before you judge, let me explain.  It’s not that I have a raging temper (which I don’t), it’s because I’ve been living with a chronic case of  terrible-signal-itis.

(Yes I’m aware of the irony that I live on Signal Drive)

slam down phone

Can you hear me now?!?     What the  $%#^!*@*&!!!!!

Out of respect for the cell phone company, I won’t tell you that their name rhymes with Schmerizon, but I will tell you that it’s been one of the most frustrating experiences ever.  I’ve tried troubleshooting til the cows come home but I haven’t made any progress.

So I’ve done the only other option I could think of…I kicked my Samsung to another Galaxy and I opted for an iPhone.  And so far, so good!  I haven’t hung up on anyone.  (Hallelujah!!)


But it hasn’t been all bad because in the process of switching to a new phone I started thinking…  In many ways moms are like smart phones.  We have to operate multiple apps at once, we have moments in life when we’re dropped or beat up and we have to get right back up and keep moving, we all run until our batteries absolutely die, and we all have default settings.

Our default settings are our  automated responses to everything in life.   These are important because these can greatly affect our biggest customers – for me it’s Makenzie, Denny, my family and everyone else in my life – so I started asking myself some questions.

As an iMom:

  • Do I “drop” connections with people when I get busy?
  • Am I often saying No to things because it’s an easy response?
  • Am I quick to give a user error aka say why it won’t work versus taking time to figure out why it will work?
  • Do I freeze up and act cranky when I’m trying to operate too many apps at once?
  • Am I often too busy to try a new app during an expected situation in life?

I bet that times we’ve all said Yes to some of these.  But negative defaults can impact our customer satisfaction level aka our kid’s childhood.

So what kind of experience do you want your users to have?   I say that I want Makenzie to embrace the world with an open attitude and welcome change.  I say that I want Makenzie to be adaptable and optimistic in life.  I say that I want Makenzie to always be connected to me as her Mom…  And if she’s learning from me I think it’s time I double check my defaults.

As for my dropped calls I think I’m in the clear.  The new phone has signaled some good changes.  I’m ready to embrace some new defaults and restore some faulty connections.  Will it mean that the pediatrician and pizza place forgive me for hanging up on them?  Will it mean that I never overheat from too many apps?  Will it mean that I’m a better mom each day?




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If I listened to myself…

Tonight I had the opportunity to connect with college kids.  I was supposed to be a “wise adult” and give them post-graduate advice.  Clearly someone made some type of clerical error in allowing me to be a wise adult, but I faked it okay and I even learned something along the way.

While talking to a student about the uncertainty of her life after college, she commented that life works out for the best because she always listens to her inner voice.  Hmm, smart girl but this made me think…

I know that I have a ‘Good Erin’ voice that tries to always steer me in the right direction, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I haven’t always listened.

Flashback to high school

‘Good Erin’ voice once said, Hey Erin, maybe a singing role in the school play isn’t really your cup of tea.  

But I didn’t listen.  I sang.  I humiliated myself.  And I allowed my parents to buy the video.  Great.

And just when I thought I buried this skeleton, I started dating Denny and he found the video.  Then he watched the video and he laughed hysterically for hours.  Oops.

video tape

Nile Drama Club presents… A big fat mistake

Flashback to my years at Ohio University

The ‘Good Erin’ voice came with me when I lived in the 45701 and frequently spoke.

Erin, do you really think glitter jeans are cute?…  Hey Erin, do you think it’s smart to steal those police barricades and put them in front of the RA’s door?…  Hey Erin, a beer bong, really?!?   

But just as frequently as the voice spoke, it was ignored.  And in turn, I paid for it dearly through fashion blunders, through getting busted by the RA and through hangovers of epic proportions.  Ugh!

police barracades

Do not cross, especially if you are dressed in sparkly jeans!

Now fast forward ten-ish years to present day

‘Good Erin’ is still alive and well.

Do you really need to eat those chips? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to clean the floor during naptime?….  Shouldn’t you keep on Makenzie’s schedule instead of letting her have a dance party?

Luckily I’m becoming slightly smarter and listening more often.   I guess that’s all part of growing up and being an adult and a Mom.

But I also think it’s okay to sometimes ignore the ‘Good Erin’ and have a little bit of fun.  If I listened to myself all those years ago I would have missed out on some good experiences and some even better laughs.

So when the time comes and I have to be a “Wise Mom” and give Makenzie advice about the next step of her life, I’ll be thankful that I had this practice round tonight.  Now I can tell Kenz to not always listen to ‘Good Makenzie.’  Life’s too short, and I have a feeling she’ll be able to pull off glitter jeans a little bit better than I did.


Do you think you’re a wise adult?  You’re probably not. 

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Dear Makenzie… two words to keep in mind

Dear Makenzie,

As much as I don’t want to think about it, there is a slight possibility that…

Someday you might  roll your eyes at me because I won’t let you get a new cell phone… someday you might tell me that I’ve ruined your life because I won’t buy you that ahh-mazing pair of ripped jeans from Abercrombie… someday you might say that I’m the worst mom ever because you didn’t wake up to a brand new car on your birthday… someday you might cry yourself to sleep because materialistic stuff will seem more important to you than everything else in life.

 I really hope that this never happens.  I hope you prove me wrong and stay your sweet self forever.  But if it does happen, I want you to keep in mind two very important little words…

Chevy citation



Your Aunt Melissa dug up this gem of a photo tonight.  Believe it or not, we spent our high school days driving around in a non air-conditioned, noisy 1987 beige Chevy Citation appropriately nicknamed Clicker.

This picture brought me way back to what I thought was an embarrassing time in my life.  But it turns out it wasn’t really so bad after all.  The plastic seats might have left waffle marks on our legs in the hot summer months, but the car also left a special memory in the hearts of all who piled in it to drive to football games and parties.

So there you have it.  A little story from me to you to hopefully help you not lose track of the important things.  But if you get lost along the way (and I expect that you might) and what you have seems to be more important than who you are, I’ll be there to help you get back on track… as long as you don’t mind getting back on track with a Mom who drives a basic car and wears jeans from Target.

Love you to the moon and back,



PS  Your Dad had a Chevy Citation when he was in high school too!


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15 Months!

Mornings are one of my favorite times of the day with Makenzie!  I love love LOVE walking into her room when she’s first waking up.  Sometimes she’s babbling as if to tell us all about her dreams… sometimes she’s still snuggled under her blanket while grinning behind her binky… and sometimes she’s being silly and running from one side of her crib to the other while giggling.

This past Saturday morning I walked into the room of a cutie pie 15-month old.  Fifteen months!!  HOW is that possible?!?

15 months

Here’s what she’s been up to:

::  Talking, talking and more talking  ::

It’s so fun to hear Makenzie’s cute little voice.  Her favorites are Mama, Daddy, Ducky, Hiiii, Moo (when we look at her farm books), Ho Ho (for Santa), Sissy (referring to Lexi kitty) and lots of others.

::  Being the mayor of Rolly Pollies  ::

Makenzie is about halfway done with her session as a bumblebee at the local kid’s gym, and she’s loving it.  She was once shy but those days are long gone!  She has no fear climbing in the bounce house, the obstacle course or the tumble track.

1 20131207_084004-1

Running away with part of the obstacle course… perhaps we still need to work on following instructions.

1 20131123_084643-1

Foam pit fun!

::  Lots of kisses  ::

Kenzie has figured out how to kiss (kind of).  She loves to show affection with a her cute, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses.  They’re awesome!!

::  1st Haircut  ::

Makenzie was unfortunately mistaken for Carol Brady, so we decided we had to take action against the baby mullet.



She did really well and she left the salon cuter than ever!  Also now that her mullet is gone, we’ve stopped receiving Nascar mailers.  It’s a win/win.

1 20131214_100412

“A little more in the back, please Miss Jessica”

::  Listening to Music  ::

Kenzie loves dance parties!  And it’s really fun to see her develop an interest in music.  Her favorite things to watch on the iPad are YouTube videos of Sofia Grace and Rosie, and songs by Jimmy Fallon and the Roots (which makes her officially cooler than we are)!

::  Helping around the house!  ::

Makenzie really likes to be helpful.  She knows that empty sippy cups go in the sink, and she knows that paper and tissues go in the trash.  She has also been helpful by putting shoes in the front closet.   I couldn’t be more thrilled that 2/3 of our household (without naming names) now puts their shoes away!!

Kenz also loves checking out the fridge.  She will take our hand and pull us to the fridge just so she can open all the drawers and check out lunch options.

1 20131222_132337

“Snack time Mom!”


We go for her 15-month check-up at the end of the month.  We’ll let you know how our little munchkin compares to the rest of the 15 months olds in the world.  My guess is that she’ll be in the one hundredth percentile of cuteness.  Stay tuned…


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