15 Months!

Mornings are one of my favorite times of the day with Makenzie!  I love love LOVE walking into her room when she’s first waking up.  Sometimes she’s babbling as if to tell us all about her dreams… sometimes she’s still snuggled under her blanket while grinning behind her binky… and sometimes she’s being silly and running from one side of her crib to the other while giggling.

This past Saturday morning I walked into the room of a cutie pie 15-month old.  Fifteen months!!  HOW is that possible?!?

15 months

Here’s what she’s been up to:

::  Talking, talking and more talking  ::

It’s so fun to hear Makenzie’s cute little voice.  Her favorites are Mama, Daddy, Ducky, Hiiii, Moo (when we look at her farm books), Ho Ho (for Santa), Sissy (referring to Lexi kitty) and lots of others.

::  Being the mayor of Rolly Pollies  ::

Makenzie is about halfway done with her session as a bumblebee at the local kid’s gym, and she’s loving it.  She was once shy but those days are long gone!  She has no fear climbing in the bounce house, the obstacle course or the tumble track.

1 20131207_084004-1

Running away with part of the obstacle course… perhaps we still need to work on following instructions.

1 20131123_084643-1

Foam pit fun!

::  Lots of kisses  ::

Kenzie has figured out how to kiss (kind of).  She loves to show affection with a her cute, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses.  They’re awesome!!

::  1st Haircut  ::

Makenzie was unfortunately mistaken for Carol Brady, so we decided we had to take action against the baby mullet.



She did really well and she left the salon cuter than ever!  Also now that her mullet is gone, we’ve stopped receiving Nascar mailers.  It’s a win/win.

1 20131214_100412

“A little more in the back, please Miss Jessica”

::  Listening to Music  ::

Kenzie loves dance parties!  And it’s really fun to see her develop an interest in music.  Her favorite things to watch on the iPad are YouTube videos of Sofia Grace and Rosie, and songs by Jimmy Fallon and the Roots (which makes her officially cooler than we are)!

::  Helping around the house!  ::

Makenzie really likes to be helpful.  She knows that empty sippy cups go in the sink, and she knows that paper and tissues go in the trash.  She has also been helpful by putting shoes in the front closet.   I couldn’t be more thrilled that 2/3 of our household (without naming names) now puts their shoes away!!

Kenz also loves checking out the fridge.  She will take our hand and pull us to the fridge just so she can open all the drawers and check out lunch options.

1 20131222_132337

“Snack time Mom!”


We go for her 15-month check-up at the end of the month.  We’ll let you know how our little munchkin compares to the rest of the 15 months olds in the world.  My guess is that she’ll be in the one hundredth percentile of cuteness.  Stay tuned…


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