Dear Makenzie… two words to keep in mind

Dear Makenzie,

As much as I don’t want to think about it, there is a slight possibility that…

Someday you might  roll your eyes at me because I won’t let you get a new cell phone… someday you might tell me that I’ve ruined your life because I won’t buy you that ahh-mazing pair of ripped jeans from Abercrombie… someday you might say that I’m the worst mom ever because you didn’t wake up to a brand new car on your birthday… someday you might cry yourself to sleep because materialistic stuff will seem more important to you than everything else in life.

 I really hope that this never happens.  I hope you prove me wrong and stay your sweet self forever.  But if it does happen, I want you to keep in mind two very important little words…

Chevy citation



Your Aunt Melissa dug up this gem of a photo tonight.  Believe it or not, we spent our high school days driving around in a non air-conditioned, noisy 1987 beige Chevy Citation appropriately nicknamed Clicker.

This picture brought me way back to what I thought was an embarrassing time in my life.  But it turns out it wasn’t really so bad after all.  The plastic seats might have left waffle marks on our legs in the hot summer months, but the car also left a special memory in the hearts of all who piled in it to drive to football games and parties.

So there you have it.  A little story from me to you to hopefully help you not lose track of the important things.  But if you get lost along the way (and I expect that you might) and what you have seems to be more important than who you are, I’ll be there to help you get back on track… as long as you don’t mind getting back on track with a Mom who drives a basic car and wears jeans from Target.

Love you to the moon and back,



PS  Your Dad had a Chevy Citation when he was in high school too!


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