Winter meltdowns…

We’re halfway through February and getting closer and closer to Spring.  We can’t wait for green grass and trips to the park and fun at the water table, wheeee!!!!!

cute mom blog spring

I normally try to embrace the winter.  It seems like the only thing to do when you live in the Northeast, right?, but the extended cold is making Denny and I crazy cranky lately.   So when we got to February we gladly waved buh-bye to January.  See ya January, don’t let the frost covered door hit you on your cold rump on the way out!

But before we spring into spring, I want to remember some really fun parts of the 2014 winter wonderland.  Here they are:

  • Two words:   Snow and Day.   I’m only a fan of the white stuff in 2 situations.   1.) Christmas Eve when I’m in front of a fireplace   2.) When it means an unexpected day off of life.   And 6 days into 2014 we had the latter.  Hooray!  Thanks to a huge blizzard Denny and Makenzie and I played, napped and drank wine with the neighbors (Kenz passed on the wine drinking part).  It was a glorious day!snow day
  • Dates Nights x 2!  Don’t check your eyes; it’s correct.  Denny and I went out on TWO separate nights since the start of the year.  One of the nights included the always-amazing lettuce wraps from PF Changs and the other night was a trip to Shea’s to see Wicked.


  • Home improvements.  What else is there to do in a vortex but complete some home projects?  We finished the picture wall and freshened up the upstairs with some new curtains, pictures and a lamp shade.  It’s crazy to believe that we’ve been in our house 5 years already.
picture wall collage

The long-awaited picture wall

  • The McGee family budget – we’re putting the Fun in Funds!   This honestly might be the most lame bullet point in the history of the blog but whatev, it’s the truth!  Denny and I  got crazy in Excel and it’s fun to be savings towards some other home projects down the road.  Who knows, maybe 2014 will be the year we purchase a family yacht.
  • Play dates – Kenzie has been a little social butterfly hanging out with friends and cousins.  She seems to be more engaged than ever with other kiddos.  A few weeks ago her friends from Erie visited for the day.  Kenzie thought that Penny (2 years old) was the best thing since Puffs!
funny mom blog kenzie and penny

Penny & Kenzie just hanging out on the Elmo couch 🙂

And last but not least…

  • The reminder of how lucky we are to have a healthy happy little girl.   Our girl is growing SO much!!  She’s now 16 months old!  She’s running and talking and reminding us all the time how independent she has become.  At her 15 month well visit we found out that she just had a HUGE growth spurt!   She jumped from the 30th percentile to the 76 percentile.  Whoa!  No wonder those skinny jeans were getting so snug.
funny mom blog 15 month check up

Way to grow Kenz!


Here’s to warmer days in the coming weeks!





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