Home-iversary! Our favorite projects – Part 1

On February 23, Denny and I will have our five year Home-iversary!

(This is where you throw confetti on us and sound your noisemakers – woo!)

Our new home 122

Only 300 teeny tiny payments until complete & total financial freedom.  Denny, pack your bags… Aruba awaits in 2039!

It’s really fun being homeowners, and over the past five years we’ve learned a thing or two about turning a house into a home.  We’re not exactly the Property Brothers so before you go any further, please lower your expectations for the updates that you’re about to see, but we’ve added some sweat equity to our humble little abode and it’s fun to look at the changes over the years.  So come in on, take off your shoes and try not to trip on the toys, it’s time to look back at some of our favorite projects:


Fireplace – They say it’s the heart of the home so it better look good!

before fireplace

What we did – The fireplace renovation started over some wine with the neighbors (isn’t that where all great ideas begin?).  We all agreed the green had to go… half a bottle later there were sledgehammers and demolition.  Cue neutral tile and some white paint and it’s like a whole new fireplace!

After fireplace


(Now we’ll hop the baby gate and move upstairs, we’ll go back down next week)

Master Bedroom – Where the magic happens (and by magic we mean sleeping through the night on occasion).   We went from a green space to a cozy gray place to lay our head at night.

Before Master bedroom

What we did:  We changed out the carpeting from green to a soft beige, and we updated the ceiling fan, blinds and curtains.  We painted the walls a calming gray and accented the trim in white (can you tell we LOVE white trim?).   Check it out…

After Master bedroom bed

After Master bedroom


Nursery – Land of an awesome little girl!  Can you tell we’re kind of crazy about her? 

This was my all-time FAVORITE project since moving into our home.  We don’t have any before pictures of this room.  But if you want to see where Kenzie calls home, check out our post from a few weeks before she was born.  Going back to this post makes me teary.  How is she getting so big so fast?


Guest Room aka OU Room – This is our way of saying Come & Visit!

 before guest bedroom

What we did – This room was a pretty simple makeover.  It required some green paint for the walls and some white paint for the trim (yes, we love that white).  It’s now our guest room/OU room but not just because of the green walls.   We have a college-style guest bed aka mattress on the floor (don’t judge) and the wall is covered with our favorite poster of all time – Pubs of Athens.  You’re welcome to visit, have a few drinks and pass out in here.  You wouldn’t be the first.

after guest room


Thanks for stopping by!

See you next week when we tour the rest of the house.


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