Home-iversary! Our favorite projects – Part 2

Denny and I are back for Part 2 of our Favorite Projects!  We’ve been homeowners for five years this month so we are taking a walk down memory lane.  If you missed the blog last week, check out Our Favorite Projects – Part 1.

Kick off your shoes and let’s continue the tour…


Bathroom – Land of tub toys, squirting starfish and a happy little rubber ducky!  Stop by any evening at about 7:15 and you’ll see the happiest little bather on the block who will gladly show you her belly button.  🙂

before Bathroom pic monkeyWhat we did:  A HUGE addition to ensure bright beautiful sunlight would glisten off the custom marble and granite we imported from Italy and hand installed a few weekends ago.  Check it out…

after funny bathroom

What we really did – Not much.  Our bathroom is not exactly our dream bathroom just yet.  Over five years we’ve taken down the wallpaper and painted the bathroom a blue shade then realized we didn’t like the blue shade so we painted it a gray shade.  We switched out the light fixture and softened up the room with some new rugs and a fresh white curtain.  Stay tuned on the bathroom, we keep hoping that one of these days the granite fairy will fly by and fancy up this room.

after bathroom………………………….

And Finally, the Kitchen – Even though it’s only been 5 years we’ve already made many really wonderful memories in the kitchen – parties, family reunions and lots of conversations with friends and family.  We’re fortunate we’ve been able to update it, but regardless of how it looks, our kitchen is a special spot in our world.

before Kitchen counter shot before kitchen eating area

What we did – This was a HUGE project for us, and it would not have been possible without some project-savvy friends.  Over 5 years we’ve neutralized the wall color and switched to a white trim.  We added hardwood floors, painted the cabinets and added a new back splash.  We ditched the green countertops thanks to the discovery of the incredibly amazing Rustoleum Countertop Transformation Kit .  Lastly we replaced the appliances one at a time as they each died over the past few years.  The kitchen updates were more challenging than we anticipated but worth the blood, sweat and tears.  I think we’ll keep it!

Kitchen DURING

A rough day in the McGee Kitchen

AFTER  kitchen Countertops

After Kitchen full view

I still remember the butterflies we felt when we signed on the dotted line to become homeowners.  Like all good things in life there was excitement, uncertainty and a lot of learning.

Sixteen gallons of paint, eight rooms, five years and countless memories later,

we’re so glad we followed the yellow-brick paved road to this house…

There’s no place like Home!


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