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You Asked For It

This week = major writer’s block.
So I asked each of you, my awesome blog readers, what to write about and you actually answered (I know, I’m shocked too)!   Requested topics ranged from Kenzie’s stance on US/Russia relations to poop stories.  It was too hard to pick just one topic so I figured I touch on all of them.

Welcome to the 1st ever Mommy McBlog

you asked for it mommy mcblog


(Almost more exciting than a trip to the dentist)
Request #1 – Melissa requested flashback stories about some of the random bad luck events of my life.
melissa fb pic

Request #1 came from Melissa from Ohio – Awesome sister, Mom to 2 cutie pie boys and frequent user of hashtags! #SheRocks

Good question Melissa.  I’ve had my share of random bad luck adventures, but since I already embarrassed myself on last weeks’ post, I’ll keep this short.
Some of my most memorable stories include…
  • Getting a severe case of the chicken pox in high school after claiming that I was immune.  Clearly my Dr’s stellar immunity diagnosis was wrong but I survived the embarrassing time in my life thanks to the brilliant Aveeno anti-itch creams!  Now if only there was an anti-humiliation cream…
  • Being stuck in an elevator on the last day of a Pittsburgh internship.  My boss thought I was taking a long lunch and didn’t realize I was missing, but help eventually arrived and I was set free in about 30 minutes.  Thanks to cell phones, Denny kept me company, and in honor of the ordeal he called a radio station later that day and requested the song Love in an elevator.  So thoughtful!
  • And speaking of random internship stories, I got stuck in midtown Manhattan during the massive NE blackout.  After a brisk 8 mile walk over the Brooklyn Bridge I found out that my apartment building was on lock down so I enjoyed a great night sleep in a car.


Request #2 – Lori requested a post about how my sanity would be lost without my mom girlfriends.

Request #2 came from Lori from Buffalo.  She once dressed as the White House Easter Bunny.  Since retiring her fluffy tail, she spends her days being an awesome mom and friend.  She also did a stand-up comedy skit while in her final trimester.  #Sherockstoo

Request #2 came from Lori from Buffalo. She once dressed as the White House Easter Bunny. Since retiring her fluffy tail, she spends her days being an awesome mom and friend. She also did a stand-up comedy skit while in her final trimester. #SheRocksToo

What can I say?  Lori is totally correct.  Without mom friends, my sanity would be more lost than it already is.  Fellow mom friends are THE best things since Spanx, girl scout cookies and the Cartwheel app combined (whoa!).
There are few other people in this world who don’t judge when your infant comes to lunch and screams the whole time (not that I know this)… who don’t judge when you admit that your kid ate cat food, yet again… and who don’t judge when you’re still wearing maternity pants a year after your baby was born…
For that reason, I say Cheers to mom friends (in particular, Cheers to Lori, one of the best Moms and one of the best friends out there!)
And last (but not least)
Request #3 – Seth requested to know about Kenzie’s stance on US/Russian relations in view of the current military escalation in Ukraine.  Or he requested another poop story.  Either or.

Request #3 came from Seth from Virgina.  According to Facebook Seth almost bought tickets for the Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry, and the Plain White Tees, but then realized he would have to go to watch the Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry, and the Plain White Tees.

Tough question Seth, but I’m glad to hit on both hard-hitting topics.

According to Makenzie, she recognizes that this situation could have vast global implications, especially for those countries reliant on Russian oil and natural gas.  She feels that Obama should leave the door open for diplomacy to resolve the situation, but believes Russia will face increasing isolation and deeper sanctions if it continues to pursue its current course.  But lastly and most importantly Makenzie strongly urges Obama and Putin to put aside their differences by drinking juice and watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Hot dog, hot dog, the problem’s solved!

And when it comes to poop stories, there are plenty to share but most recently was the brown surprise Makenzie made during bath time.  Talk about vast global implications!  She’s at risk for isolation if she continues down this road of unexpected gas ruptures in the tub, but I foresee a treaty on the horizon (ideally by her later toddler years).  And to quote my favorite sister and hashtag user regarding this situation… #BabyRuthMadeABabyRuth

Talk about #Gross


And on that note, Thanks for visiting the first ever You Asked For It post.  There might just be more to come in the future!



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The Dirty Little Secrets of a Mommy McBlogger

Greetings from Mommy McBlog world!

Now that we’re all done shaking our shamrocks for the year, I wanted to share about a little flashback I had this week.
It all started with a minor mouth surgery on Thursday – overall it was uncomfortable, slightly painful and something I hope to never repeat.   But I had one nasty side effect even the Dr didn’t see coming, and that side effect was a flashback to Junior High.  Yikes!

Join me as we go back 20ish years…  O.J. was getting chased, Nancy Kerrigan was getting clubbed, coffee was being sipped by our Friends at Central Perk, and I was having the same minor mouth surgery that I had last week.  Same experience pretty much –  overall it was uncomfortable, slightly painful and something I hope to never repeat.  But in Junior High having mouth surgery meant something WAY worse than discomfort.  Having mouth surgery in Junior High meant being completely and totally shunned from the Friday night game of Spin the Bottle.  Gasps!  Oh the horror!

Thinking back to these days made me reminisce about all kinds of humiliating experiences and bad decisions that I faced in my youth.  And now that I have millions, thousands, a few blog followers (Hi Mom!) I thought it would be best for me to come clean with the skeletons in my closet before Perez HIlton finds out.  So here goes:

The Dirty Little Secrets of a Mommy McBlogger

I’m a…

  • Spin the Bottle rejectee – Yep, the above story is a true story.
  • Troll collector – Yeah, I know.  Troll collecting is almost worse than saying I did illegal drugs.  It’s creepy and uncomfortable but likely these freaky dolls are a thing of my post.  
    • trolls mommy mcblog


  • Former perm victim – I once rocked the body wave, or should I more appropriately say that the body wave rocked me.  Either way it was awful and I’ll never go back to those dark days of my life.
  • Former Headgear wearer – Speaking of embarrassing situations of my youth, I’m admitting that I wore headgear.  And not just any headgear, I wore the really awful kind that went around my head and left big marks in my hair.  My sister threw magnets at me and hung Christmas ornaments from me during the minimum of 14 hours per day I had to wear it for almost one year.  But it wasn’t all bad because I was allowed to take it off when I saw Boyz II Men in concert.  Score!  Turns out It’s Not so hard to say goodbye to yesterday when yesterday includes trolls and headgear.
This wasn't me but I wore headgear just like this.  Fashion forward bitches!

This isn’t me in the picture but I wore headgear just like this.
Fashion forward bitches!

  • Recovering Late-aholic – The first 20+ years of my life I was late for everything.  But I finally admitted I had a problem, went through the 12 step process to overcome it and I’ve been relatively clean ever since.  I do relapse occasionally but who doesn’t when you have kids?

And lastly…

  • I was a serious late bloomer – I believed in the tooth fairy way too long, I slept with my stuffed animals way too long and I got boobs way too late.  In 8th grade I was actually dubbed the Founder of the Itty Bitty (you-fill-in-the synonym for boob) committee.

There you have it.  I’ve now come clean with my deep dark secrets of youth.  Nothing scandalous really, just some seriously dorky experiences that I now look back on as opportunities to “build character.”  And luckily I’ve been able to gain a little more wisdom, a little more fashion sense and a bra size that doesn’t contain the same acronym as the Automobile Association of America.  Perhaps the reasons we live through the disasters of our youth isn’t so we can get kicked out of the game of Spin the Bottle, but maybe it’s so we can feel more prepared when it’s time for the real game of Life.

And sorry perez Hilton, you’ll have to keep looking if you were hoping to expose an outrageous history of a blogger.


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A snow day picnic with some sweet desserts

I owe Mother Nature an apology.  If it wasn’t for her blizzard (that I cursed at earlier this week) I wouldn’t be having a picnic right now.  


Snow day picnic – party of one!

And for dessert at the picnic, it’s a little slice of heaven… a sleeping baby, a completely unexpected free afternoon, a hot coffee & some Girl Scout cookies.   True, we might never ever see summer, but I haven’t had a day like this in months and it feels AMAZING.  Thank you Mother Nature.

Today is a reminder that life is about the sweet stuff, so here are some other fun little happenings in our world right now:

  • New episodes of Parenthood
  • A favorite little St. Patty’s day nephew who turns ONE this weekend!  Happy Birthday Jack!!!
ryan and jack 3_2013

It’s hard to believe Ryan became a big brother to Jack an entire year ago! I sure love these little guys.

  • Good friends that have had great news lately
  • Shamrock shakes!
  • Some really big wins at work
  • A daughter that recently fell in love with karaoke (or perhaps she just like drooling on the mic)

“I will survive”

  • An upcoming visit from the Easter Bunny
  • A facelift for the blog by the summer (hopefully)
  • A June wine tour
  • A Q cousins weekend that is getting closer and closer
  • SUMMER!!  Even thought it feels like it will never ever get here


    “Hurry up summer, I wanna wear these cool shades of mine!”

  • And the opportunity to finish this post so I can enjoy some snuggle time with my favorite little karaoke star

Whether your drink of choice is SImilac, juice or Pinot Grigio, I’m a big believer that we need to sometimes slow down and focus on keeping our bottles half full!  I’m not always good at it myself but today was a great reminder of it.  What sweet little things are happening in your worlds?


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If you weren’t so cute

Dear Kenzie,

Hey girl, it’s me Mom.  I thought I’d just send you a quick little note because it’s been such a crazy few weeks and I’m stil grappling with how quickly time passes!  It seems like we merely blinked and you transformed from a cuddly infant to a very independent little 17-month-old toddler.  You have countless energy and tons of personality!  In fact you have so much to discover we have to change your diapers standing up while you simultaneously play with your dolls, dial people on my phone and remove every single wipe from the container.  Needless to say you keep us hopping!


“Mom I’m way too busy for a picture!”

But guess what?  And as much as you make our lives busy, busy, busy, your button nose, your pudgy tummy, your cute bum, your teeny tiny fingers, and your sweet little personality make us incredibly thankful to be your parents.

If you weren’t so cute…

I’d probably get annoyed when you throw your Cheerios.  I’d probably lose my patience when you toss your sippy cups and I’d probably get frustrated because you always seem to finish eating your dinner right about the time I sit down to eat mine.

If you weren’t so cute…

I wouldn’t sprint to my car at the end of the workday and speed all the way to pick you up.  I wouldn’t cry on the nights that I don’t get to see you before you head to dreamland, and I wouldn’t spend hours stroking your hair while you sleep.

If you weren’t so cute…

I wouldn’t be able to climb out of bed in the middle of the night when you have a bad dream.  I wouldn’t be able to find the energy to rock you back to sleep, and I wouldn’t agree to letting you sleep in our bed on more occasions than I like to admit (especially because we said we’d never be “those parents”).  Oops.

If you weren’t so cute…

The constant messes would get old, the sometimes short naps would be frustrating, and the not enough time-itis would be way more acute .

But at the end of the day, your cuteness and your sweetness prevail over everything else.

Makenzie if you weren’t so cute our hearts would not be SO incredibly full of love for you.  Our world would not be SO full of joy.  And our lives would not be completely and endlessly overflowing with love and appreciation for our adorable little girl (even if we still can’t figure out just how you became so darn adorable).

If you weren’t in our world I honestly can’t imagine what we would be doing (aside from a little extra sleep).  So chalk one up for cuteness!   They say beauty is only skin deep, but in your case, the cuteness goes deep down into every part of tiny little you!

I love you to the moon and back Kenzie girl!




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