If you weren’t so cute

Dear Kenzie,

Hey girl, it’s me Mom.  I thought I’d just send you a quick little note because it’s been such a crazy few weeks and I’m stil grappling with how quickly time passes!  It seems like we merely blinked and you transformed from a cuddly infant to a very independent little 17-month-old toddler.  You have countless energy and tons of personality!  In fact you have so much to discover we have to change your diapers standing up while you simultaneously play with your dolls, dial people on my phone and remove every single wipe from the container.  Needless to say you keep us hopping!


“Mom I’m way too busy for a picture!”

But guess what?  And as much as you make our lives busy, busy, busy, your button nose, your pudgy tummy, your cute bum, your teeny tiny fingers, and your sweet little personality make us incredibly thankful to be your parents.

If you weren’t so cute…

I’d probably get annoyed when you throw your Cheerios.  I’d probably lose my patience when you toss your sippy cups and I’d probably get frustrated because you always seem to finish eating your dinner right about the time I sit down to eat mine.

If you weren’t so cute…

I wouldn’t sprint to my car at the end of the workday and speed all the way to pick you up.  I wouldn’t cry on the nights that I don’t get to see you before you head to dreamland, and I wouldn’t spend hours stroking your hair while you sleep.

If you weren’t so cute…

I wouldn’t be able to climb out of bed in the middle of the night when you have a bad dream.  I wouldn’t be able to find the energy to rock you back to sleep, and I wouldn’t agree to letting you sleep in our bed on more occasions than I like to admit (especially because we said we’d never be “those parents”).  Oops.

If you weren’t so cute…

The constant messes would get old, the sometimes short naps would be frustrating, and the not enough time-itis would be way more acute .

But at the end of the day, your cuteness and your sweetness prevail over everything else.

Makenzie if you weren’t so cute our hearts would not be SO incredibly full of love for you.  Our world would not be SO full of joy.  And our lives would not be completely and endlessly overflowing with love and appreciation for our adorable little girl (even if we still can’t figure out just how you became so darn adorable).

If you weren’t in our world I honestly can’t imagine what we would be doing (aside from a little extra sleep).  So chalk one up for cuteness!   They say beauty is only skin deep, but in your case, the cuteness goes deep down into every part of tiny little you!

I love you to the moon and back Kenzie girl!




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