Eighteen Months!

Oh my gosh, our girl is 18 months!   Makenzie Ruth is growing up so fast!

If you don’t believe me, look how big she looks in her infant bouncy seat that she found in her closet.


Yikes!  Where did newborn Kenzie go?!?

Denny and I have no clue how she turned into a toddler but we’re loving it.  She occasionally tries to take over the household (don’t all toddlers?) but overall Makenzie has the cutest little personality and keeps our world full of fun!

We had a pretty good 18-month check-up this week (minus the meltdown for her shots but can you blame her?).  Kenzie weighs 26 lbs. 9 oz., and is 32.5 inches tall – 70th percentile for both height & weight.


She didn’t love the doctor’s office and this picture was the best we could get.

Here are some of the other updates…

::  Makenzie’s Favorite Things  ::

  • Playing hide & seek – She runs from room to room hiding behind curtains, under chairs and in every little spot she finds.   Usually her giggles give away her hiding spot but if we don’t find her right away she’ll yell, “Hello??”
  • Taking selfies and playing with our cell phones and the iPad


  • Checking out the neighborhood and greeting visitors
1 IMG_0169

The BEST part of my day every day!

  • Playing at Rolly Pollies (perhaps we love it more, but either way we all have fun at baby gym class)

1 IMG_0052

  • Morning roll call – The first thing she does every morning is point and say “Mama, Dada, Sissy” (referring to Lex)
  • Giving Sissy treats and then following her around the house to make sure she eats all of them
  • Wearing my sweater from the 80’s!

A little fashionista!

  • Choo choos – The girl is obsessed with trains and runs to see them out the window every time she hears the whistle
  • Dancing – Kenzie really likes the chicken dance and does a great job flapping her little wings


  • Talking – Her vocabulary is growing each day.  Some of her favorite words include: “Hiii”, “Bye bye”, “shoes”, “coak” aka coat, “yay down” aka lay down, “Momo” aka Elmo, “duckie”, “moo”, “spoon”, “more”, “thank you”, “pease” aka please, “bubbles”, and lots of others
  • Speaking of bubbles, Makenzie is obsessed with them, both outside and in the tub


  • Unloading the dishwasher one utensil at a time
  • Waiting for Dada at the airport


  • Being outside ALL the time


  • Hanging out with all the big kids in the neighborhood!   They are all really sweet to Kenz and she loves being with them and watching them play

Enjoying a visit from Abbi & Molly

::  Makenzie’s Least Favorite Things  ::

  • Not being outside
  • Brushing her teeth (excuse the screams, neighbors)
  • Bathtime without bubbles
  • And getting in the car seat because it means we’re not outside

We count our lucky stars every single day!   It’s been 18 fun months with Makenzie Ruth and we can’t wait to see her continue to grow.


Sweet Dreams!


18 months and counting!  

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