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Summertime & the little things

Life is undoubtedly about the little things.   And the little things have been our focus since the summer arrived.  We’ve been busy enjoying the long days and hopefully you’ve been doing the same.


Here are some of our favorite summer Little Things:

  • The Bubble machine aka the BEST $11 we’ve ever spent at Target (and we’ve spent a lot of $11’s at Target).  If you have anyone in your world under the age of 5, the bubble machine is a must!

Chasing bubbles (notice the high level of concentration with her tongue out)!



  • Two new semi-successful yet easy dinner recipes.  Aw yeah!!!!  Busy Moms, take note.

#1 – Mini Chicken pot pies – Relatively easy and very delicious.  This makes plenty for 2 nights.

mini chicken pot pies#2 – Baked Ravioli – Easy AND Cheesy!  It can be prepped in under 12 minutes the night before.. put in the oven at 5:15pm and you’ll be slipping into elastic waited-pants by 6.

easy ravioli bake

  • A Jamberry manicure. This is a fun and inexpensive way to pamper yourself and it can easily be done during naptime.  It takes about 20-30 minutes to apply, and it lasts up to 2 weeks without chipping.  Check it out here

  • Ice cream.  Denny and I have always loved a sweet treat after dinner but it’s even more fun sharing it with Kenzie.

Mint ting-a-ling! Yummmmmm

  • Black-out drapes. Makenzie seems to think that if the sun has come out to play, then she should get to play too, which means she’s been sleeping less than ever.  But we’re the parents for a reason so we tricked the trickster and bought some black-out drapes.  It was the best $15 Big Lots purchase in a looong time and Kenz has been back to her regular sleep schedule.  Sweet dreams baby girl, Mom’s got some dvr-watching to do!


  • And lots of outside time!  We’ve been trying to soak up the warm temperatures as much as we can.  Kenzie has conquered the slide, her trike (kind of) and the swimming pool.  Thanks to her life vest she swims completely on her own and is even brave enough to jump off the edge into the pool (eek – this still terrifies me).  Hopefully I’ll eventually get some pictures of our little swimmer girl in action.

Pool time!



Kenzie trike

Tour de Signal 2014. She’s been bulking up on performance-enhancing products to include juice, bananas and ice cream.


Checking out the ducks with cousin Ryan.

And speaking of little things we’ve only scratched the surface.  There’s a new blog design on the horizon (arriving very soon, yay!), some home projects and a few more little things up our sleeves.  Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun summer!


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My sister Rocks!!!

There’s no doubt about it, my sister Melissa is The Coolest sister Ever!

A few weeks ago she entered us in a contest (thanks to the fabulous ladies at The Honest Mom Project – check them out) for a spa day and we WON!  YESSSSSSSS!   And I thought… Hey my sister deserves a blog post.

Then her Birthday rolled around and I thought… Hey it’s my sister’s Birthday and she deserves a blog post.

Then more time passed, (and I ate cookies rather than finishing a blog past) and I thought… My sister deserves a blog post, darn it!  It’s time I finish it.

So here’s why my sister Melissa is the best…

She knows good fashion when she sees it, whether in jammies or in stylish Easter dresses.

Melissa 1

Where’s the Beef?


Melissa 2

We sure knew how to make sleeves look awesome!

She was a super cool teenager and a very talented driver (minus the incident where the flying mailbox jumped on her car – crazy!)

Melissa 3

She was a huge reason why my time at OU was as fun as it was.  She took care of me as a freshman and taught me everything I needed to know about happy little Athens, Ohio.

(And she bought me beer when I was 18.  Score!)

melissa 5

OU Graduation 2002 – Don’t you wonder what onlookers thought of us?

She (along with my best friend Sara) was the best MOH ever!

Melissa 4

Bachelorette fun!

She is an INCREDIBLE and loving Mom!

And she gives amazing advice and support to hormonal and clueless new Moms (not that I know).

Auntie Melissa, cousin Jack, Kenz and Mom

There’s no denying it, Melissa is an awesome big sis and best friend.

It sure is good to be a Q!

q family photo

Matching t-shirts NOT planned. We’re such dorks.

LLKK Melissa!


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