My sister Rocks!!!

There’s no doubt about it, my sister Melissa is The Coolest sister Ever!

A few weeks ago she entered us in a contest (thanks to the fabulous ladies at The Honest Mom Project – check them out) for a spa day and we WON!  YESSSSSSSS!   And I thought… Hey my sister deserves a blog post.

Then her Birthday rolled around and I thought… Hey it’s my sister’s Birthday and she deserves a blog post.

Then more time passed, (and I ate cookies rather than finishing a blog past) and I thought… My sister deserves a blog post, darn it!  It’s time I finish it.

So here’s why my sister Melissa is the best…

She knows good fashion when she sees it, whether in jammies or in stylish Easter dresses.

Melissa 1

Where’s the Beef?


Melissa 2

We sure knew how to make sleeves look awesome!

She was a super cool teenager and a very talented driver (minus the incident where the flying mailbox jumped on her car – crazy!)

Melissa 3

She was a huge reason why my time at OU was as fun as it was.  She took care of me as a freshman and taught me everything I needed to know about happy little Athens, Ohio.

(And she bought me beer when I was 18.  Score!)

melissa 5

OU Graduation 2002 – Don’t you wonder what onlookers thought of us?

She (along with my best friend Sara) was the best MOH ever!

Melissa 4

Bachelorette fun!

She is an INCREDIBLE and loving Mom!

And she gives amazing advice and support to hormonal and clueless new Moms (not that I know).

Auntie Melissa, cousin Jack, Kenz and Mom

There’s no denying it, Melissa is an awesome big sis and best friend.

It sure is good to be a Q!

q family photo

Matching t-shirts NOT planned. We’re such dorks.

LLKK Melissa!


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  1. Katie Kelley says:

    Melissa IS the BEST!

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