15 weeks – Little Dude or Dudette updates

Hi honey, I’m Home!   Back at the blog finally.

Ever since we’ve revealed the news about Lil’ Dude or Dudette (as Denny has been affectionately calling the upcoming arrival), we’ve been getting all kinds of questions so I thought I’d spend some time answering them.


How far is the baby? – We’re now at 15 weeks!  The little one is the size of an apple and is perfectly healthy.  We’re so thankful!

A little red delicious son or daughter   :)

A little red delicious son or daughter 🙂

Bump? – Not exactly.  More like an awkward Lump.  The kind that leaves people asking, “Has she been overindulging in triple fudge brownies or is she having a baby?”

How Makenzie is feeling? – She is blissfully unaware.  We talk about her future brother or sister and she likes to point out babies when we go places so we’ll count that as a step in the right direction.

How I’m feeling? – The nauseous  feeling is totally gone, but the tired feeling is still kicking my butt.  After I get Kenzie to bed at night I feel like my eyelids weigh about 100 lbs each so my chance of accomplishing anything, let alone a blog post, is at about 1-2%.  Hopefully I’ll get past this, otherwise the new kid will be sleeping in the overly-full laundry baskets on our bedroom floor.

Dude or Dudette? – YES, we are going to find out if this little one if a Mister or  Sister.  We had SO much fun with the gender reveal party last time and we want to do it again.


May 2012 – finding out about Baby Makenzie!

The Moment of Truth... Team PINK!

Team PINK!

BUT we want to wait to find out until our parents and siblings are all in town together so rather than do the reveal in August at 18 weeks, we’re going to wait until Makenzie’s Birthday party in October.  She’ll get to open a special gift to find out if she’ll be getting a future Maid of Honor or a future wrestling buddy.  The wait might make us crazy but we think it will be worth it.

Are we ready? – Not even close.  By 15 weeks with Makenzie we ordered a crib, designed a possible girl room and a possible boy room and spent hours researching the best stroller and car seat.  We had a list of names, a pile of clothes and a memory book filled with sonogram pics.  For this baby, I’ve barely had a chance to finish taking the pregnancy test.  At least this kid will get parents who (kind of) know what they are doing.  Makenzie might have had a safe stroller but she was essentially raised by wolves in the beginning.

clueless parents

This about sums it up. Poor Kenz.


We’re looking forward to the next 6 months and meeting our new little Dude or Dudette.

I’ll do my best to keep the updates coming on the blog.  See you soon!

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